Monday, January 28, 2013

Join us for the Six Ingredient Challenge!

Six Ingredient Challenge buttonAre you interested in eating more whole foods but don't know where to start? Does the thought of eating naturally make you fear an increased cost, or inconvenience, or shopping at some weird hippie store? (Not that there's anything wrong with that…)

Amy of Anktangle and I have a simple and fun challenge for you for next six weeks. It's easy to follow and will give you a baby step into the world of more wholesome eating. Ready?

Buy foods with six ingredients or fewer.

That's it, honest.

Look at the label on the back of packaged foods and count: Six ingredients or fewer? You're golden. Is it something that doesn't have a label, like a pineapple? Then you already knew you were golden, because that has ONE ingredient! Score.

There are a few more rules to it than that, to help you sort out what counts and what doesn't, but that's all of it in a nutshell.

Does that sound doable? Excellent! Sign up with us and follow along as we blog each week (at both Hobo Mama and Anktangle, as well as some shout-outs to some partner blogs) about how to choose your foods, where to shop, how to make your own replacements for ingredient-heavy products, why eating this way is a good idea, recipe ideas, and more!

Just enter your name on the linky below to let us know you want to join, and grab our button for your sidebar or any post you'd like to write on the topics. For the bloggers among us, Amy and I will offer some writing prompts each week so you can write and link up your own posts about your progress and share some of your recipes and tips. (This is not required for anyone to participate, just a fun bonus for all of us!)

Are you already eating this way? That's awesome — feel free to sign up and read along with us, sharing your wisdom with the other participants. However, please do note that this is a challenge for newbies in the world of whole foods, and we want everyone to feel welcome, no matter where they are on their journey. Amy and I will share our own stories of how we eat and what transitions we've made in our own diets as we've learned more about what our bodies and our families need.


Eat and buy only foods with six ingredients or fewer during six weeks starting February 1. (More detailed rules to follow.)


Anyone who'd like to take the first steps toward eating whole foods and home cooking.


Our bodies do best on a diet of foods that are close to what humans have been eating for millennia. The fewer the ingredients, generally the less processed and more natural the food.


Sign up on the linky, grab the button, and follow along with the blog posts! You'll have the opportunity to write and share comments and tips with others as well.

We're so excited to have you all join in!

Upcoming posts:

Here's a taste of what you can look forward to in the next six weeks (list will be updated with links as they become available). Let us know if there's anything else you'd like us to cover!

Writing and Reflection Prompts:

  • Why have you decided to participate in the Six Ingredient Challenge? (asked 1/31; linkup 2/7)
  • How's it going for you so far? (asked 2/7; linkup 2/14)
  • What new foods or recipes have you tried or discovered? (asked 2/14; linkup 2/21)
  • What has been the easiest part of this challenge for you so far? The most difficult part? (asked 2/21; linkup 2/28)
  • How's your budget? What money-saving strategies have you been employing? (asked 2/28; linkup 3/7)
  • What are you learning about your body through this challenge? Your family's rhythms and routines? Your feelings about food? (asked 3/7; linkup 3/14)
  • What are your final thoughts and reflections as we wrap up this challenge? Do you have any newfound wisdom to share? (asked 3/14;
    linkup 3/21)

Recipes for simple homemade versions of (often highly processed) store-bought foods:

Show off:

Six Ingredient Challenge button

Link up:

Let us know you want to join in by entering your name or blog name in the linky below! (If you don't have a blog to put in the URL box, you can use your link for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

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Momma Jorje said...

Is there going to be a header / footer set? Will you be emailing us prompts or we just choose from this post? We are supposed to post on these specific dates?

Lauren Wayne said...

@Momma Jorje: Good question! We'll post the prompt on the week before, and you'll have that next week to formulate and post your answer. (You can post any day that week.) The next week, there'll be a link-up for the past prompt, our own responses, and the next prompt to start thinking about. I'll try to make that clearer in the schedule and in our prompt instructions.

I wasn't considering a header/footer, but if you want one, I can come up with one! :)

Unknown said...

Hi There! i"ve tried to put my blog in the linky but there seems to be some technical problem with Safari users? Here is the link to my blog:

Can't wait to share with everyone!

Lauren Wayne said...

@Mercedes: Added you, Mercedes! Thanks for joining in. :)

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