Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: We are amused

A glimpse into our California road trip adventures from earlier this summer. We couldn't leave California without visiting an amusement park: Six Flags.

dad and son on amusement park roller coaster ride — Six Flags California
Mikko wasn't sure what he thought of the roller coaster…

dad and son on amusement park roller coaster ride — Six Flags California
…until he got on it. Then he went on it probably fifteen times in a row.
He still talks about it often, 3+ months later.
Don't let his expression fool you — that's his posing face, as you'll see.

baby in amusement park peering looking through blue fence — Six Flags California
Why does big brother get to have all the fun?

baby in amusement park on big blue chair — Six Flags California
Fortunately there was a baby section.

baby in amusement park on big blue chair — Six Flags California
And I was able to sneak Alrik onto a slow-going, mini-carousel with me by noncommittally answering the question of whether he could walk. (Real answer then: "Not far.")

smiling baby in amusement park — Six Flags California summer
Fortunately, he's a happy baby.

baby and dad in amusement park in mei tai — Six Flags California
Thank goodness for babywearing to get around in a large, busy space!
It was Sam's turn to hold him, and my turn to ride…

mom and son on amusement park orca ride — Six Flags California
Woo! Watch as I emote for both of us.

mom and son on amusement park swing ride — Six Flags California
Mikko called these swings "monkey bobo swings," for no reason we could fathom, and insisted we also ride them a dozen times. Until I was dizzy enough.

boy on amusement park train ride — Six Flags California
Sitting up front to ring the bell!
(Alrik wasn't even allowed on this mini train here that went, like, 2 miles an hour.)

tickle fight between brothers — Six Flags California
Good thing there were brothers around to tickle fight!

tickle fight between brothers — Six Flags California

mom and boy in theme park ride — Six Flags California
Clearly only one of us knows how to pose properly in a theme park photo op.

baby crawling on sidewalk — Six Flags California
Yes, exactly, Alrik! That's how it's done.

baby on bench — Six Flags California
That was a successfully amusing day.

I'm giving away 5 copies of Poetry of a Hobo Mama for my blogiversary!

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Amber said...

Oh my goodness! The "Attack!" picture of your two kiddos together is beyond sweet!

Momma Jorje said...

Clearly you and Alrik are the emoting pros of the family! Lots of wonderful pics, thanks for sharing!

Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

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