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Sunday Surf: Shopping with Batman

Welcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

I just want to point out that I got to go shopping with Batman:

batman boy in shopping cart at costco


On to the links:

  • Embracing the now even when you’d rather not | Kate Wicker 

    On accepting the now even when it’s (literally) crappy — and not worrying that it will continue this way forever. Love this bit of wisdom for the day.
  • Entitlement is not what I'm going for. - Clean. 

    We are going to create a home where everyone pulls their weight, but does so out of their desire to cooperate and participate. We will do it with peaceful parenting strategies - not power-over strategies, punishments, or rewards.
    My kids will join me in this mission and their participation will be joyful.
    Ambitious? Heck yeah. But certainly worth my best shot.
    Because I believe that with some creativity and connection kids and adults can come together, find a common goal, and work joyfully towards it.
    I am confident that we can banish entitlement and create participation without forcing a thing.
    I am so interested in following along on this journey! We have similar dynamics at work here — and add in two parents who are hopeless themselves at keeping the place clean (sigh). So we all have a lot to learn about pitching in cooperatively.
  • Fine and Fair: Teen Pregnancy: Not Caused By Makeup

    Teenage girls to do not become pregnant by wearing make up or “provocative clothing” or by dating. Teenage girls become pregnant by having unprotected sex. With boys.
    I know. I was shocked too. That boys are equally responsible for teenage pregnancy. Except, no, I wasn’t shocked, because, SCIENCE.
    I posted this link on my Facebook page, and it has become quite the little hotbed discussion, by which I mean several people advocating abstinence-only education and slut shaming, and several other people telling them to stuff it. (I have to say, the former? Reminds me why I often hate Facebook.)
  • So really the point of this post is that I'd like to now birth a 20 month old. I'm fine with the stretch marks. - MODG 

    This is a similar post about not feeling ecstatic about our babies, particularly if they like to scream all the time, as our firstborn did. I often tell people we loved Mikko from birth, but we didn’t fully like him until about 18 months. I say that not to shame him or make him seem inadequate, but just to be honest and reassuring (for those who feel the same), and to say along with MODG here: It gets better.
    They get older; they get personalities; they become endearing and likable and they stop screaming so dang much. It gets better. It has gotten better.
    I almost can’t remember the me I was who was so uncertain it would get better, since I love parenting so much now (most of the time, ha ha). But I will still honestly talk about these changes so that other parents of challenging babies know: You are not alone. 
  • Authentic Parenting: Newborn Baby: When Love isn't Instant 

    Trigger warning for post-birth trauma: Don’t read if you’re pregnant and/or trying to maintain a positive outlook on birth and the postpartum period.
    I really appreciate Laura’s honesty in sharing how she didn’t bond immediately with her son after her difficult birth experience. I don’t think it even takes a difficult birth for that to happen; sometimes love grows gradually rather than shining all at once.
    Sometimes parents are afraid to talk about not feeling the “right” way about their kids, but it’s so important to know you’re not alone when you have these doubts, depressions, fears, and so on.
  • My Frugal Baby Tips: Frugal Diapering: No-Sew Emergency Diaper Cover 

    Need a diaper cover in a hurry…!? … Use a plastic bag!

    Cut a T-shape out of a grocery bag for a baby under about 16 lbs., or a kitchen garbage bag for a bigger baby.
    Despite the fact that Seattle has banned plastic grocery bags, this tip made me laugh and gave me hope if ever we are stuck without a replacement cover in a poo-mergency in the car! I bet if we poke around in the trunk, we could find something suitably waterproof like this that could work. The article provides tips on how to cut and tie the bag for a MacGyver-like DIY cover.

Poetry of a Hobo Mama:

Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three Years

MomAgain@40 >> Poetry of a Hobo Mama - We are never alone

This review popped up as a sweet surprise to me. I love hearing that people have connected with my poetry!
I love her honesty as well as her excursions with attachment- and natural parenting style. 
The poetry is a raw and honest account of pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, babies and motherhood. As she accounts her struggles to read and to go out to the theatre and do the things they used to do before baby, she also writes about her love for her baby and her husband. 
I am copying one of the poems. One of the most poignant life-altering changes that new parents have to cope with. "Mothers are never alone" But is also a reminder to me that mothers also share the same journey, and in that we are never alone! 
It helps to read about another's journey in motherhood.
You can head over to MomAgain@40 to read the poem!

Failure to Launch


How to schedule a post on your Facebook page

You can now schedule posts on your Facebook fan page (for a blog or company) or your personal Facebook page right in the native interface — no external application needed. 

Movie review: Failure to Launch — High on animal attacks, low on romance

From Natural Parents Network:

Visit Natural Parents Network

Carnival news:

Carnival of Natural Parenting -- Hobo Mama and Code Name: MamaCarnival of Natural Parenting: We have posted topics through June 2013! So you can start planning and writing ahead.

We had a very successful August carnival on Farmers' Markets & Farms, so check out those links!

We are taking September off for family travel. We were doing a post on schooling, so:

Feel free to post on a back-to-school theme for the Green Moms carnival instead: Publish it on your own blog on or before Friday, August 24. Once it's published, email your link and post summary to Micaela of Mindful Momma: She will publish a round-up post on Monday, August 27. Any questions, email Micaela.

Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival: Hosts: Authentic Parenting & Positive Parenting Connection. Topic: Breastfeeding. Deadline: Aug. 24.

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How are three deadlines August 24? Better start writing those posts NOW, hey?


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butt paste

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Find lots more wonderful giveaways at my Natural parenting giveaways linky! Add your own, and enter some good ones!

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