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Sunday Surf: Sangria, housekeeping, and women's voices

Welcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

baby toddler bellying up to sangria cooler

We have been partying hearty lately. When my friend Rachel was visiting, we were at a birthday celebration, and Alrik didn't think it was fair that the adults were hogging all the sangria. If he'd actually developed the finger dexterity necessary to push that cooler button, I think I'd have let him reward himself with a gulp…

Here are some links for you this fine week:

  • | Today I am Disappointed in LLL 

    On Trevor McDonald’s bid for LLL leadership being turned down because he’s transgender.
    One of the issues that LLL raised in their response letter, as posted on Trevor’s website, is that some women may be uncomfortable receiving breastfeeding support from a man. They say that a leader must be able to help all women with breastfeeding. This seems patently unfair to me, because it places the onus on a potential leader to be non-offensive. Would we respond in the same way if, for instance, a woman of one race was uncomfortable receiving help from a woman of another race? What about if a potential leader had a lot of tattoos? Those make some people uncomfortable. What if she had a disability? While a mother certainly has the right to seek support from someone she can communicate effectively with, it’s discriminatory to exclude someone from a volunteer role simply because someone else may be uncomfortable.

    This is the crux of things for me. I understand that Trevor’s application is pushing the boundaries, so to speak. I understand that some people hold strongly-held beliefs around gender and sexual orientation, and may struggle to receive support from Trevor. If that’s the case, I would hope that they would contact another leader. But this doesn’t change the fact that a secular group that seeks to be welcoming to all breastfeeding parents must be prepared to adapt. If you believe breastfeeding is important, then it’s important for all babies, not just for babies with parents you approve of. You simply cannot say that you’re supporting LGBT parents, while excluding them from certain roles. That’s not a supportive action.
  • My Frugal Baby Tips: Make-Your-Own Frugal Cloth Menstrual Pads 

    In this low-spend month, I’ve been so glad to have my DivaCup and cloth stash for my period so I don’t have to worry about buying menstrual products. If you want to make the switch to cloth but want or need to make your own pads, this pattern looks like a good one that would be fairly simple and effective and could be made with materials you likely already have.
  • Participation without coersion. Phase 1. - Clean. 

    Rachel’s family’s continuing adventures in creating a cooperative environment of participation in household tasks — without coercion, punishments, or rewards. I’m so excited to hear how things are going and thinking wildly about how we might adapt her family’s ideas.
    This story gave me hope for how Mikko might (eventually) respond. Sage is a little older (turning 10), but I know Mikko already has plenty of resistance to the very idea of chores.
    Sage was feeling the shift away from endless free time and into more participation.
    He (very politely) complained about it. “Mama, I don’t really feel like I have any free time anymore.”
    So he and I came up with a plan. We each made a chart. We divided our activities into three categories: chores, free-time, and work/homeschooling. Then we kept track of how we spent our time throughout the day.
    At lunch time we totaled up each column and compared our charts. Sage was both amazed by how his own days balanced out and also by how little free time I took that day.
    I didn’t say a word. He looked it over, noted the surprises, and tossed the charts. He hasn’t brought it up since. Because he saw how much free time he still has. He understood that he is both helping out and chilling out. It’s all in balance.
  • Why Alysia Montaño wears a flower in her hair during every race : Stltoday 

    I loved (and miss) the Olympics. I love seeing these athletes push themselves to the limit of what the human body can achieve. I love seeing all the different body shapes and learning which type of body works best for which sport.
    I tend to stay away from negativity and cattiness with regards to the athletes, but I did happen upon some trollishness about certain female athletes not looking “feminine” enough. That makes me mad, because what does that even mean? Feminine looks like a lot of things, yo.
    So I was happy when I heard athlete Alysia Montaño’s reason for wearing a flower in her hair when she runs. It was a sign to the kids who used to mock her that, yes, she was a girl, and yes, she could still run fast.
  • Nike: “Voices” (by NikeWomen)
    It’s possible I am a total sucker for getting emotional over Nike commercials. But seriously — love this look at 4 women athletes who know that being a girl can also mean being tough.
    “They used to say, ‘That girl is crazy.’
    “But then I just kept winning.”
  • Big Bed | The Honest Toddler 

    Daddy, this post is specifically for you as I can tell you are struggling with your place in this family during the night hours. The question looms every single evening: Who does mommy belong to?

    It’s easy for me to point out the obvious fact that she and I are blood relatives while you two seem to have some sort of contractual relationship, but I want to acknowledge your emotional problems. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with her? She’s soft and smells great.
  • How FlyLady and Montessori Help Me Keep My House Clean | 

    Deb linked to this archive article recently comparing how both FlyLady & Maria Montessori help her keep her place clean and organized. I love the connections she’s made and the reminders it’s given me for simple ways to improve my own sense of order.


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