Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Nursing in public

I'm a big believer that people don't need to be "discreet" to breastfeed in public — and that no one can agree on what discretion means, any old way! That said, I know for a lot of breastfeeders, nursing in public becomes easier for them if they can feel comfortable with the amount of skin they're exposing.

So I just want to present one option of covered-up nursing that doesn't require a special nursing cover:

I have Alrik (one month old here – not that you can really see him!) in a mei tai, bopped down low enough and to the side for his mouth to be in line with my nipple. My shirt is pulled down from the top. Then I pulled the mei tai back over him so that it covers the breast area. Your arm and the mei tai straps (in this case) mostly cover any side boob (hee).

To be even more covered, you can place a burp cloth, prefold, scarf, cardigan, or the end of what you're babywearing with over the chest skin that's otherwise uncovered on top. Just keep any cloth away from baby's nose and mouth. I doubt anyone not looking for the fact would even guess he was feeding … until they heard the little slurps!

So that's an idea for you – you get to do something with both hands (like eat a warm meal, as I was doing!), while your baby peacefully and unobtrusively goes about his business (getting a warm meal, too!).

Happy lactivist baby says, You are free to feed your baby however you like! Indoors, outdoors, on ferries and at baseball games, covered up or whipping it out (wssshh…snap!), in a breastfeeding lounge or in the center of things, bottle or breast or jar and spoon or baby-led weaning. Happy lactivist baby just wants us all to be comfortable feeding our babies wherever we otherwise happen to be. Because this happy baby just loves his nummies!

P.S. Thank you to Amy for the delightful new handmade wool soaker! Isn't it cuuuute?
And thanks to Inner Wolf Batik for the breastfeeding logo onesie!

Read about different baby carriers and babywearing, complete with pictorial how-tos, in my Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing!

You'll also love this week's photos on the topic of — what else? — Breastfeeding over at Natural Parents Network! Go see me nursing two at once — entirely indiscreetly … heh.

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Melissa said...

Beautiful Mei Tei!

WhyWeLoveGreen said...

You're right, it's totally inconspicuous! I would love to do it, but I don't think I could ever get my parts high enough to be near my baby's mouth in that position! lol. Oh well. The soaker is adorable as well! --Christine at Why We Love Green

Dee said...

And oh my!!! HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

I'm glad you posted these! It IS easy to cover up when nursing in public. I always wear a camisole under my shirts. I lift up the shirt and pull down the cami, so my belly is not exposed and only my boob is peeking out.

I also use my ring sling a lot. I don't nurse IN it, but I leave it slung over my shoulder and kind of cover the top of my boob with it. It comes in handy.

Carol @ The Lazy Mama said...

Honestly, I have grown to not care anymore who sees it when I nurse. But the husband feels very awkward when I do so for him, I sometimes wear cover - when the top isn't as breastfeeding friendly.

MomAgain@40 said...

You are an inspiration! Especially nice post during World Breastfeeding Week!

Unknown said...

I've always found nursing in a mei tai to be (almost) totally undetectable to the people around me...even when I pull my shirt down from the top. I know I've said this tons of times already, but Baby A is so freakin' adorable! Can't wait to meet him in person.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Run DMT said...

Very cute photos! I had no qualms about breastfeeding in public although my DH wished I was a bit more discreet. lol

Grandma Bonnie said...

Nice photos. I think it's great to nurse anywhere the baby wants to eat.
New follower from Wordless Wednesday.
Hope you follow back.

Evelyn said...

That's a perfect solution!!

Brittany@Mama's Felt Cafe said...

Alrik is soooo cute!!! That is all :)

Upstatemamma said...

I love this post. I love nursing in my moby when I am out and about. I feel way less exposed. But overall, I do not care if people are upset by what they see - I just want my baby to be fed and happy.

PS Can I link a breastfeeding post that is not from this week? I wrote one a week ago and did not think of saving it for World Breastfeeding Week.

Katja said...

Thanks for linking up at Ein bisschen Haushalt... love your blog and be your latest follower! Will come back for sure. I had to smile when I read your post about breatfeeding in public - first I had the same carrier and did breatfeed my daughter with being in it, too - however, more for fun as there is NO problem at all to just roll your shirt up and breastfeed your baby wherever you are here in good old Germany - of course you don't sit around with showing your whole breast but noone will even recognize it if a baby is eating - never heard about covers for breastfeeding before I started reading blogs from America ;-). So I am hoping that you moms over there stay courageous and keep on breastfeeding in public! We are thinking of you here!!!

Greetings from Germany

Gauri said...

This is lovely. Thanks. It makes me think...

I breastfeed anywhere, anytime, any way... but I do find that I adapt to my own comfort level in the situation, so I am a bit of a breastfeeding cameleon. If DD wants to nurse, I feed her. I do not use a hooter-hider which I find hideous and frankly just draws more attention to it all but I do try and use the baby as a privacy screen sometimes - meaning the very act of feeding conceals the nipple itself (were I feeling private).

In my view, public breastfeeding is a public service, educating, modelling and inspiring others to breastfeed + it is a basic necessity if you bf on demand, so I will always do it, but it doesn't mean I am blind or insensitive to others feelings, habits, cultures and customs. I am a proud NIPer but a flexible and adaptable one.


Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Alrik is adorable! Congratulations and bravo for everything you do to support breastfeeding and natural parenting. :)

Self Sagacity said...

Cute blog header. Great post for WW. Come and join the conversations at Self Sagacity and post your Thursday Two Questions. Linky is up now until Saturday.

Tom Ewer said...

There's nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public - it is completely natural. However, I do understand how some mothers can be self-conscious, and this seems like a great solution :-)

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