Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Two jack-o'-lanterns in one

Forgive the words, but I want to tell our jack-o'-lantern story. Forgive also that everyone's so over Halloween; I'm not saving these till next year!

boy beginning to carve pumpkin
We've been growing a garden with our friends, and out of the pumpkin seeds we planted, two pumpkins grew…and grew. Good thing it wasn't just one, hey? So I watched them grow and worried about the white fungus on all the leaves, wondering if the insides would have turned to mush. I harvested them the weekend of Halloween and left the one that seemed most non-mildew specked with the other family, hoping for the best. Well, ours at least was fine inside! Whew. So Mikko had a grand time carving it up with Sam.

stab marks in the pumpkin
And/or stabbing it to death.

scooping out the pumpkin guts
Even the pumpkin guts smelled nice. Must be something to do with organic and home-grown. We roasted the seeds, and Sam made a little puree out of some of the flesh.

carving the pumpkin smile
Mikko has a carving knife that's supposed to be child-friendly. I have a knife phobia, so I stay out of the way and trust to Sam's judgment and supervision!

scary jack-o'-lantern lit
Sam asked Mikko whether he wanted a scary or happy pumpkin. "Scawy," says Mikko. Then he sees it carved. "Too scawy," he says. He doesn't like the teeth, or the ears.

happy pumpkin jack-o'-lantern lit
So Sam carves it down into a happy pumpkin. Mikko admires it for a second, then says, "I want scawy."

scary pumpkin with curled ears
So Sam turns the pumpkin around and carves a second scary face on the opposite side. As it turns out, the mildew warts really helped enhance the scary side. We kept rotating the jack-o'-lantern according to Mikko's whims. And we really liked the effect a couple of days had on the ears!

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Run DMT said...

What a precious story! I am so glad you shared your pumpkin carving story. I love the two-faced pumpkin. That's really funny.

Cakeblast said...

Cute story - thank you for not saving it till next Halloween. Nice pumpkin too - really cool that you grew it yourself!

Unknown said...

He did such a wonderful job. Im impressed.

Sarah @ Two Young Kids said...

Awww, what a cute story. :) Definitely worth the past Halloween post.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

My kids wanted a scary pumpkin too and then were scared of it when it was lit up. I think carving two faces is brilliant! I will try to remember that for next year.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Cute story. I love that your pumpkin had multiple faces...such a great idea!

LeeAnn said...

That pumpkin is too cool! Great idea to carve the other side. :-)

Thanks for linking up with me today, and thanks for the linky. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your story! Your pumpkin is like the happy/sad drama faces. (I'm glad you didn't wait until next year!)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's fun to be scared. I'm with Mikko. :)

Melissa said...

How cute. My girl is wishy washy with scary too.

Kristen @ My Semi-Crunchy Life said...

Ah I love the story of the two jack-o-lanterns.

Faythe said...

I love that Mikko had a 2 faced pumpkin! and I am still seeing lots of autumn & halloween posts... pumpkins are still around for pies & things, esp for thanksgiving, right? I was giggling that his pumpkin had ears that would change. I wonder if maybe your seeds where crossed with a warty type pumpkin/gourd that I had posted about a few weeks ago? they look a bit like it, only just a small case! a Jekyll & Hyde type! LOL!

Momma Jorje said...

Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

I've only done pumpkin carving once (a few years ago) and really I just did the scooping of the guts. It was such a wonderful earthy zen thing to do! I loved it!

And I love that when the face wasn't what he wanted, Sam adjusted it. Not that I would expect anything less of you or Sam, but many parents would just argue, bully, or settle on dealing with the "too scawy" face.

Those ears definitely turned out SO cool!

Unknown said...

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I look forward to "connecting" more with you in the future!

Sybil Runs Things said...

Aw! We didn't carve the other one-- it's been sitting on the front porch looking lovely. That does remind me, though, I should get the seeds from it.

We did have one more tiny pumpkin in the garden! That one is also on my porch. The stem from it had rotted off a little while ago so we had brought it in.

More pumpkins next year!

Lauren Wayne said...

Thank you, everybody! We definitely enjoyed our unusual pumpkin. :)

GrammyMouseTails: You're right -- maybe it was a hybrid! :)

Momma Jorje: Sam's pretty awesome like that.

Tamara: Aw, thank you! I keep wishing we could all meet.

Sybil: I'm glad it's still happy and round. I thought it had a nice shape to it. I had no idea another pumpkin would grow — how fun! We planted enough seeds this year that I was thinking we'd get at least one for each kid, but next year we'll double it! :) As if the yard could take that many pumpkin vines…

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