Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Surf: From reused kitchens to disposable towels with plenty a stop in between

Did I make it? Did I make it?

Just barely (if I cheat).

I'm joining Authentic Parenting and Baby Dust Diaries in doing a Sunday Surf! It's a way to bring you some of the best links I've read this past week.

Speaking of which, I'm so glad I've gotten some feedback that you like these here posts; that means I'll keep putting them together at the last minute…

You can find more shared items during the week at my public Google Reader recommendations feed.

Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments. Happy reading! BlogHer Ads Suggested Posts - Hobo Mama included

P.S. I swear I just looked at the list of BlogHer recommended posts under the ad there in the sidebar and saw mine on "Remember how young your children are (and you, too)" and honestly thought: Oh, that sounds like something I'd like to read. Up too late blogging much? At least I'm my target audience.

P.P.S. I've had "Both Sides Now" going through my head for the past two hours solid thanks to Her Bad Mother.

1 Granted, it might have more to do with my habit of reading chunks of one blog at a time rather than going through my Reader chronologically, but we can call it a crush.
2 You know who first introduced me to the deliciousness of footnotes in blogs, don't you? Arwyn.


Lisa C said...

Hey, I saw that little play kitchen like a year ago, when she first did that post, and was just thinking about it! I never thought I'd find that post again, so thank you! I'm torn between repurposing furniture into a play kitchen or just buying one from Ikea. While I'm trying to make up my mind, my sister let me have their inexpensive plastic one for Michael to play with.

Lauren Wayne said...

I'm so glad to have helped you track it down again! I have that same feeling of "Is it worth it?" Both tutorials mentioned power tools, and they're building them in large outdoor spaces, whereas I live in a tiny condo. Is buying a cheap play kitchen (btw, you could also look on craigslist or freecycle or similar, or at a consignment shop) just easier than making one? Will anything I make in my usual half-hearted way be as good and easy as something I could just buy? But then it's more waste and less personal. I'm having the same dilemma with sewing my own hankies out of old sheets, to be honest. :)

Arwyn said...

Post scripts AND foot notes. You're a woman after my own heart.

And, I think it's because I've been on a bloggy roll recently. Which is good, after the dry spell that had me wondering what the hell I was doing thinking I could write. (OK, that might be more about my own insecurities than what actually was posted on my blog, but, whatev.)

Thanks for linking to Rachel's piece "Hold My Hand" -- I haven't seen her around nor remembered to check in on her blog recently, and I'm remembering why I <3 her so much.

Also, I bow before your coding skilz. I luffs me some footnotes, but I am not that dedicated. My hat's off to you, Madame.

Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings said...

Hey, thanks so much for the shout out about my cleaning up ideas. My kids are still not super enthusiastic, but it gets done, at least some of the time.

And, count me in as impressed with your coding skilz too! Ha ha!

Lauren Wayne said...

Arwyn: I will have to do a tutorial on how I hand code footnotes in case anyone else wants to be as geeky-awesome. It's funny you mention Rachel, because she was mentioning you to me and saying she was glad to see you posting again. (Which I think is OK to share, considering it was complimentary.) Likewise from me to both of you.

Kristin: Now I just need to get enthusiastic myself about cleaning. I have this feeling that the first step to raising a kid who cleans is modeling being someone who cleans. Then again, my parents are not slobs, yet I am. I wonder if I can change, particularly if I use your tips on myself.

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