Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day poem

father and son on beachThis is the poem I was going to post in place of my Carnival of Natural Parenting entry. I figure I might as well get some use from it, eh?

I wrote it when Mikko was ten months old. It's all still pretty much relevant. He even weighs almost the same even now.

I love you, Sam!

Why I love my baby's daddy
For Sam

Your willingness to go further
and your acceptance that I wouldn’t.
Your pressure on my back
for two entire days.
Holing up with all three of us
and ordering pizza.
Holding my tubes and bottles
as I learned to feed without.
Being willing to let me
feed him without you.
Your clumsy fumblings to fasten
diapers in the night.
Your willingness to let me sleep
five extra minutes.
Bending to strap a wriggling sack
into the car seat.
Letting him handle scissors, cell phone,
keys, and packing tape.
Crafting absurdist verses
to Old MacDonald.
Finding me attractive
despite everything.
Commiserating with me about him,
about our parents and others.
Being in it with me
like a team of two and three.
Slinging thirty-four pounds
over one shoulder
and smiling.

                        April 2008


Anonymous said...

It paid off to give him the scissors early. He's already the best in the preschool at scissors!

Lauren Wayne said...

Hey, look, everybody — it's Sam's first comment!

We've been training Mikko with the scissors and packing tape so someday he can take over our family business...

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Totally off-topic, but I am amazed by your 34 pound 10-month-old. My super-petite daughter weighed 34 pounds at around age 4. She'll be 5 in 4 days and she currently weighs 38.5 pounds. I'm thinking she'll be 6 before she's out of her car seat, at this rate.

Lauren Wayne said...

Amber: It's so funny how they vary, isn't it? Mikko's totally plateaued, though. He's weighed just about that much since then and has just gotten taller. We ordered a special car seat from Sweden because we were so scared we'd have to turn him from rear facing at six months. He looks so squishy and squat in that picture that it cracks me up. I knew he was big, but he was all we had to go on, you know? But when I look back, holy cow! He's huge!

amy friend said...

wow, that is big, but the same weight that my friend's child weighed by 10 months as well. she is now 7, and petite. go figure.

sweet words to your love here. so nice to read a love note once in a while!

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