Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I won a Skinies Nursing Cami!

Skinies open cup nursing camiTo reiterate: I won a Skinies Open Cup Nursing Cami from Mommy News Blog's giveaway!


I never win anything. This is such a thrill. Excuse me while I go prepare my acceptance speech.

I'll be back with a review. I hope and think I will lurve it. The Skinies Open Cup cami looks very similar to the Skinies nursing cami breastfeeding motherModest Middles nursing cami I speculated was a good fit for well-endowed breastfeeding mamas. In fact, Skinies was designed by a mama for just that reason. The cami doesn't include a bra, so you can wear whatever supportive bra you want underneath. There are stretchy holes over the good bits so you can easily reach in to unlatch your hooks and get your baby (or, in my case, toddler) attached. Ever so discreetly. And, of course, you can wear whatever you like over it. (And I would recommend wearing something over it. Ha ha!)

Do you know this is my first actual nursing garment intended for wearing in public? The only other two pieces of breastfeeding-specific clothing I have are two pairs of maternity-slash-nursing PJs that I bought when pregnant and needing extra tummy room in the pants.

Hooray! I won!

Thank you, Mommy News Blog and Skinies!

Photos courtesy Skinies.com


Swistle said...

Oh, wait---wear a shirt OVER it?? No wonder this didn't work for me!

That thing looks AWESOME. I wish I had a baby to nurse so I could buy one.

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