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My book on babywearing:

The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing

The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearingby Lauren Wayne, 154 pages, $9.99

Babywearing gives you a convenient way to carry along a little one, keeping your child engaged while allowing you as the parent or caregiver to continue with the routines of life — walking, using your hands for tasks, and even breastfeeding — while keeping your child secure.

This book is a Babywearing 101 class, giving an introductory overview of babywearing, along with troubleshooting ideas for special circumstances. We'll talk about the benefits of babywearing, types of common carriers, how to babywear safely, pictorial how-tos for how to tie and wrap the most popular carriers, tutorials for making your own carrier, and a list of helpful resources for information and support on your babywearing journey.

Currently available through the amazing resource bundle I've co-produced: The Essential Parenting Collection from Mindful Nurturing, in the full 35-resource collection ($49.97 for a total value of more than $750) or in the 6-resource Parenting the Early Years Module ($19.97).

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Babywearing the heavy baby

— January-April 2009

Since I had a baby who weighed nearly twelve pounds at birth and who loved loved loved to be held, I learned some tricks for hauling him around comfortably! These tips can be adapted for any size baby, but I have a heart for all the chunky monkeys out there — and for their parents' backs!

Try out these soft baby carriers, listed in the chronological age order we used them, to carry your baby easily all the way into toddlerhood.

  1. Babywearing the heavy baby: stretchy wrap
  2. Babywearing the heavy baby: ring sling
  3. Babywearing the heavy baby: mei tai
  4. Babywearing the heavy baby: ERGO Baby Carrier

Safe babywearing

— October 2010

Make your own no-sew fleece mei tai

— November 2009

How to make a doll sling: A tutorial in pictures

— February 2010

How to sew a mei tai baby carrier

— March 2012

How to breastfeed while babywearing

— August 2012

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