Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Three for tricks & treats

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

We successfully went out for Sam's birthday a couple days before Halloween,
so the baby & I were emboldened to join in on a short
trick-or-treating jaunt at our local business district.

Sam and I had different, themed costumes planned,
but Karsten's somewhat tardy arrival meant mine
didn't fit my postpartum mummy tummy. (Nerts!)
So I'm the ocean, and Karsten's a shark. Bam.

Alrik will not take off this Power Rangers hoodie.
It's the best.

Mikko's super into dragons
and wanted me to design an even fiercer costume
or ratchet this one up a notch,
but…um…I had a baby. So that's my excuse.

This baby.
That's a no-sew fleece mei tai I made, by the way,
that just happened to be oceanic in color. Score!

My sweet niece bought this "I love my mummy" outfit
for Mikko when he was born. We've taken Halloween pics
for each kid in it since.

Must pause a moment to cheer:
Aw, yeah.
A big shout-out to Wendy of Car Seats for the Littles for climbing in our car,
breaking nails, and helping us figure it all out.
For the car-seat curious, here's what worked:
Harmony Defender FF (very narrow, which works fine for our teeny Alrik),
Graco Snugride 32 RF for the bebeh (pretty old model — year left till expiration) with Alrik's former Britax Marathon RF to grow into that also fits in the center,
BubbleBum (super narrow inflatable booster) for Mikko.
We didn't want to turn Alrik forward facing or move Mikko up
into a backless booster, but those were literally
the ONLY seats that would fit in our stupid backseat.
(We tried out eight over months of researching. Eight!)
I'm just glad we came up with a solution before the birth!
Seriously: Why don't car manufacturers and car seat manufacturers
work together so that family cars actually fit a family?!

All right, enough digressing…
Back to Halloween!

Both older boys need lots of attention right now — Alrik especially —
such as being his personal transportation, same as with Karsten.

We were impressed Mikko wore his mask the whole time.
Usually half his costume is off about a quarter of the way through,
and it looks like we're walking with someone who didn't bother to dress up.

At the last minute, Sam strapped Mikko's giant bear
to his chest with one of the mei tais I sewed.
Kids thought this was AWESOME
and squealed when they saw him coming.
Grown-ups said, "But…what are you supposed to BE?"
Grown-ups. Pfft.

And some nummies to wrap it up!
Note: I am an expert.
I do not recommend breastfeeding a shark
without proper training!

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