Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Babymooning

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

A little look at what we've been (not) doing
for the past month
with little Karsten around.

(Hint: It's mostly looking at Karsten.)

First outfit for going out to celebrate a birthday.
I love how he looks like a little man.

Shoe socks!

One of these cute dudes
is a whole year older.
(Psst…it's the old one.)

I love using the mei tai I made again.
(A couple strangers have commented that they need one like it,
and I agree — though am not volunteering, ha ha!)

When we do emerge periodically,
Karsten tends to sleep through entire outings.
Well, why not, with such a sweet ride?

Hanging with my bud.
(Since I haven't quite recovered
enough to sit up discomfort-free,
we spend a lot of time reclining together.)

Baby lactivist!

Lots of boys!

Four weeks in,
and he's already getting so personable!

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Erin Violet Taylor said...

Oh, my heart. These are amazing. Karsten is such a beautiful little kiddo! And all smiles, too! These pictures made my day.
Babywearing FTW! That mei tai is awesomesauce. You're so talented--I could only dream of sewing something like that.
Mikko seems like such a great brother! Always holding the baby. So sweet. I have a similar photo of Adora holding her baby brother when he was just born (she was the same age as Mikko!), but, alas, I have it saved onto my desktop, which I obviously didn't cart to Japan with me.

kelly @kellynaturally said...

Congratulations Lauren. Karsten is beautiful!!! <3

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