Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Babywearing big sibling

Alrik's been getting ready for his role as older brother
by taking care of his "baby box" (aka fox stuffie) —
we change his diapers, give him daily baths (with soap and gold doubloons
— don't ask me, Alrik's three and loves pirates),
and offer him lots of cuddles when he's crying.
Alrik even generously offers his own nummies for food.

Yesterday we found the doll mei tai I made for Mikko
(tutorial here — Olympic ice skating optional)
and Alrik carried baby box around quite happily,
only squishing him in a somersault a few times.
(I'll be sure to supervise once he gets near the real baby….)

I can already tell he'll be an amazing big brother.

Read more about different baby carriers and babywearing, complete with pictorial how-tos, in my Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing!

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Kendall said...

How great that he's been practicing, seemingly enjoying to as well! :)

Lauren Wayne said...

@LB Present: He finally seems to get the concept of a little sibling on the way and be really excited! It's so fun to watch. :)

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