Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Summery summerness

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

I'm much too hot and pregnant to bother finding the camera,
and the cord, and downloading and editing pictures,
so here's what you're getting:
recent fun stuff from my phone! Woot!

My kids have been playing with the cats lately,
Alrik for fun & Mikko for money
(and that pretty much sums them up right there),
which is great for all the little creatures.
Current fave toy: Cat Catcher
they go WILD for this thing.

Alrik helpfully cooling one hot kitty
with his little fan.
She wasn't sure what to make of it,
but she stayed put
for his ministrations.

Me at a friend's kid's pigeon-themed birthday party.
This is the hot & pregnant I speak of.
This & the following photos are from Shannon.

And you know how when you're hot & pregnant
you want nothing more than to have a three-year-old
glued to your lap for hours?

Big hand, little hand.
I love how my kids have those sweet dimples.

This was adorable:
L3 pushing Alrik on the swing!

Downtown to the children's museum
with some goofy kids.

You can never have too much pretending to be bored
on a fake bus.

Even when this guy's driving.

I'd totally take my elephants to this vet.

Whoa! Big needle alert!

Mikko made quick work of these riddles.
Which is why he's so fuzzy.

Getting the shopping done, double time!

This store has cute cashiers and baggers.

This is how much stuff they got out.
And, miracle of miracles, they put it all back, too!
In the right places!
They've blown their cover —
now I know they're secretly
capable of it at home, too.

Gotta build.

Our dinner.
Tasted a bit plasticky to me …

… but Mikko dug right in.

Up the mountain.
(Watch for bears.)

Through the cave.

And sliding back down.

Catch a brother at the end.

I caught something!

Front seat in the monorail.

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