Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Sibling love

Lately the boys have been really lovey with each other.
I had this idea to post some photos showing it,
to remind me when they revert to squabbling
and screeching at each other …
which they have done today.
("Make him stop looking out
my window!"
"But that's the toy Iiiiiii need."
"Are too." "Are not." "Are too." "Are not." etc.)

When my parents were visiting, they mentioned more than once
how well Mikko and Alrik get along.
It wasn't something I had seen,
so it was really good to hear it from someone else
— gave me a new perspective on how often
they are happy with each other
vs. how often I get frustrated seeing
(and hearing) them fight.

The above photo was a walk where, without prompting,
they chose to hold hands and run along together.
Alrik had been upset that Mikko "won" the race down the stairs,
so Mikko held his hand the rest of the journey
so they'd both be at the same pace
and win together.

At Chuck E. Cheese the other day (oh, blessed A/C),
I told Mikko we could eat there
but only if he'd stick with his brother for the games
so I could enjoy my salad in peace.
He did, and they both loved it.

Brother hugs!
Ignore the fact that one child has no face.
My phone broke and has been out for repair,
and my loaner phone has the Worst Camera Ever.
Just when my kids are being cute!

From the good camera,
on my babywearing photo shoot:

Mikko's idea for how to wear a woven wrap.
(See, more tutorials are coming for
how to babywear during pregnancy!)

Gratuitous cute shot of Alrik,
our natural-born model.

You can see it —
they really do adore each other.

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Momma Jorje said...

Oh my gosh, Mikko is getting to tall! And Alrik is cute as ever, of course. He really does seem to model well. You have such a beautiful family. I get glimpses of my 2 littles being lovey, but... it never seems to happen often enough, does it? :P

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