Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Super-deckers, jellies, & exploding nutcrackers

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Who's up for another round of cell-phone randomness?

Posing with a passed-out Alrik like
Weekend of Bernie's

Rainbow looming! We made his cousin a fireworks bracelet for her birthday,
and then Mikko made up his own super intricate pattern.

Fun at the children's museum!

This is a dragon. Mikko made another for Alrik.

The cats skinned this shark and now sleep on its carcass.
Those flecks on the carpet are confetti from the piƱata, I swear.

Snuggling with my babies (all three!).

We're trying out Handwriting Without Tears
to help the kiddos with ease of writing.
I'll have to let you know how it goes.
I love this sweet little slate in any case!

Seeing cloth diapers drying in our neighborhood made me happy.
I had to stop to take the picture.

And I thought it was cool to find this babywearing pattern at JoAnn's!
That baby in the pouch up top is way too low,
but that could be a nice mei tai pattern.

These were the boys helping me shop there!
Like their matching double-decker-bus shirts from London?
Or, as Alrik calls them, super-deckers!

We went to the beach, and the boys went off exploring.

They found this dead jellyfish, and Mikko wanted to adopt it.

I eventually convinced him a sober burial would be more appropriate.
Poor dear, departed Jelly.

Mikko's pretty fearless around water for someone who can't swim.
It seems he's becoming inspired to learn soon.

We went swimming at a cool new (to us) pool
with lots of water-play features for the kids.
(Which I'm remembering because of that bracelet I'm wearing.)
This is just after, at 24 weeks.

Play-Doh time in their newly setup bedroom
(I'm loving having this project table in there),
with the cat supervising.

I'm not enjoying the heat.
I have to clean & organize before both our families visit,
and I'm pretty much just bathed in sweat constantly.
I realized I'd never been pregnant in the summer before!

Firecrackers! (Well, a tame one.) Or as Mikko calls them, "Nutcrackers!"
I kept telling him what the right word was,
as we listened to various ones explode near our home,
and he said he preferred "nutcrackers."
It gave me a funny mental visual.
While Alrik & Sam tuned out the noise & went to bed,
Mikko & I hiked a couple miles down the beach to see
the show across the water.

Hope you also had a happy Fourth!

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Kendall said...

How neat to find a jellyfish! I've never even seen one in real life...up close and personal real life anyway.

And now you've got me wanting to go to JoAnn's to see if I can find the pattern. I'd love a mei tai for longer walks with Baby Boy, though he's pretty active and independent himself.

Lauren Wayne said...

@LB Present: The jellyfish are really cool! Even better when alive, ha ha.

Let me know if you make up that pattern — I'm curious! I love the mei tai I made — very supportive for toddlers & long walks. Here's my tutorial if you don't want to buy a pattern and don't mind doing some measuring.

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