Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Drifting along

I'm in Victoria, B.C., today with my parents,
so who's up for another round of cell-phone randomness?

Mikko made up a new game on the beach
called dragging driftwood into a big pile.

Someone needs more toys.
On top of him.

See that pirate dude in the corner? That's Mikko's contribution.

Alrik pointed at this pink Power Ranger and giggled.

I play Stuff on My Cat to keep from getting bored
when playing Power Rangers with Alrik.
All he ever has the Power Rangers say to me is, "Hi, Mama. I fightchu!"

Superman playing soccer on the beach

I don't know or care what face Alrik is making —
tried to smile for the camera, without prompting!!

My view on late-evening walks. I love summer sunsets!

Sleepy Spider-Man.
(Yes, I live with multiple heroes.)

There's something about me and pregnancy that makes me renovate.
Something dumb.

This made me guffaw.
Alrik thought the Victoria's Secret model was being
so silly,
and "I can do that!" And so he did.

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