Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Surf: Summery out-and-about

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Sunday Surf: Summery out-and-about == Hobo Mama
Summer means going outdoors — a lot. It's such a brief season here that I feel guilty if we miss even a day of it! This day I took the kids on an "adventure" to a Kidd Valley hamburger place on Lake Washington. Kids love running around in grass, crossing bridges, and ogling naked sculptures. Score!

Sunday Surf: Summery out-and-about == Hobo Mama

Sunday Surf: Summery out-and-about == Hobo Mama
Alrik liked pointing out that these statues could poop if they wanted to.
He's an excellent nakey-bum potty learner.

Sunday Surf: Summery out-and-about == Hobo Mama
Another day, but for your amusement:
Babywearing pirates at the Seafair Pirates Landing!

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  • I love these! And despite living in an age where dresses from the neck past the ankles were the norm, no one was telling these women to cover up or go to the bathroom to feed their babies.

    Victorian Women Breastfeeding

    At a time when when modesty was considered fundamental in women, the above images depict an unlikely fashion amongst mid-19th century mothers.
    According to Gwen Sharp, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Nevada State College, ‘The use of wet nurses had never been as common in the U.S. as in Europe, and it became even less popular by the early 1800s; breastfeeding your own child became a central measure of your worth as a mother. ‘Cultural constructions of femininity became highly centered on motherhood and the special bond between a mother and her children in the Victorian era.’
    Given that the images are daguerrotypes - the first commercial photographic process - the subjects do not appear quite as at ease as their modern counterparts might. The women and their babies would have had to sit still for approximately ten minutes while the image developed on a silvered copper plate - presumably a challenge with small children involved.
    via Emily
  • Sarah’s Biggest Homeschooling Mistake: Not Traveling More 

    Don’t wait for the perfect timing to get out there and see the world. I need this encouragement.
  • Instead of Hitting - Mothering Community 

    Peggy O’Mara’s description of (uncomfortably) moving from punishment to cooperation, with succinct explanations on why gentle parenting is not out-of-control parenting, and ideas for what to do to parent gently.
    Being humble, however, does not mean that we give up our authority. A parent’s authority is based not on being right all the time but on being the one in charge. You do not have to give up your authority as a parent or be permissive to parent in a more cooperative way. However, you do have to learn a new language, and it takes time. The more you practice cooperation, the more skilled at it you become.


How I make money blogging

How I make money blogging == LaurenWayne.comThere's a subject everyone wants to know about but about which very few want to be the one to spill. Today I'm going to be that person!


I'm going to tell you just where my blogging income comes from, and give some tips for you to earn some cold cash for your cool words.

I admit it, I'm feeling too shy to disclose dollar amounts, but I've made up a couple helpful percentage charts for you, along with a list of advice on making more money blogging (some of which I have yet to take!).

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