Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Surf: Palm Sunday

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So, we skip church a lot. But we went last week, and Mikko actually stayed in the children's church/Sunday school deal-io by himself. In fact, I walked him there as usual, because he likes that, but when I got into the room, I said, "I might need to walk Alrik around for a bit to help him nap," and Mikko said, "You can leave now, Mama." Whoa! There's a first. So, for those of you wondering when a separation-phobic child might tolerate some separation, it's at approximately 4.75 years old. Now you know.

After the service, we didn't get a craft to take home as usual. We got a follow-up email later on explaining that the kids had made palm branches for Palm Sunday (which is today) and had also worked on memorizing a song and Bible verse to sing and recite in the service this next week. I sang the song and asked Mikko if he remembered it, and he said he had chosen to color during the time they were singing. I read the verse to him, and he said he had chosen to color while they were learning the verse. That's my boy. Fight the system, Mikko.

I settled on teaching him one word: Hosanna. I said, Yell that loud enough, and no one will care about the rest. Plus, he did make his palm branch, so there's that.

We'll see how the palm waving goes today … if we get up and out the door in time.

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mythreewonders said...

Congrats on a milestone for Mikko! I read a lot of these and all are such great choices to share. Amber's post was so thought-provoking!

Inder-ific said...

I can't leave Joe at the nursery at church at all, so it's good to know there might be a time when he'll willingly hang out with other children without me! And it's only 1.75 years away! :-)

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