Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: One month

I was wondering if it was time to call an end to my babymoon — until I spent half the day unable to catch a break from nursing and bouncing to put on pants. Maybe next week…

So you were expecting more cute pictures of Alrik, right?
Because that's about all that's going on here at the moment.

Good. Let's carry on:

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks peering over dad's shoulder

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks with father
Happy Father's Day to Sam.

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks first smile
Look who's smiling now!

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks with big brother mikko 4 years
Psst…Mikko's secretly Superboy. Don't tell anyone.

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks getting kisses from big brother mikko 4yo
It's all about loving on the little brother. Alrik gets kisses all day long.

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks in mama's arms

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks screaming on grass at garden
Alrik actually mostly enjoyed his first trip to the garden, but I had to include this to demonstrate that it's not all quiet around here.

garden lettuce growing in june summer
Speaking of the garden: It's growing!

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks breastfeeding with mama and brother in car
Don't worry — I wasn't currently driving…

newborn baby Alrik 4 weeks with car shirt

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I'm a full-time mummy said...

Gosh! One month already! Love ALL the pictures!

Run DMT said...

How precious! Can't believe a month has gone by already!

Emily said...

Wow, a month already? And, btw, can I borrow that t-shirt? The one you're wearing in the car photo. Thanks!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures. So good to enjoy the simple things. Kisses. Lettuce. Blessings.

Momma Jorje said...

Gorgeous photos, as always, Lauren. The natural smile on your face in the car says it all! Thank you for sharing your family with us.

Unknown said...

Everyone looks so happy and healthy...even your garden! Beautiful, as always.

Melanie said...

I love his fuzzy head and the nursing in the car...done that many a time. My son just turned four months and it's going so fast! Enjoy

teresa said...

these are beyond gorgeous. The one with the two little faces together made me "awww" out loud.

MomAgain@40 said...

So sweet! I also can't believe it is a month already! Love that BF pic! :D

Cassie said...

Wow one month!! Can you believe it? Mine is almost one month too!
You guys look great! Hope you are doing well.

Darcel @The Mahogany Way said...

Has it been a month already? Wow. He is getting cuter. Love the pics. I love seeing the joy that a new baby brings to the family.

Michelle said...

Oh my! Such handsome little fellas!!! said...

Nooo! Don't let your honeymoon be over. Revel in it. That is one sweet baby.

Unknown said...

Oh, he is *so* cute -- congrats! :D

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