Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Surf: Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

Yesterday we went trick-or-treating in our local business district, and today we're going trick-or-treating at the mall. Because you can never have too much candy. Or something.

I think it's more just that it's fun. Who doesn't like to see a little kid dressed up in costume — especially one's own little kid?

3 year old in firefighter costume on Halloween

I picked out about three million links to share, so to narrow it down, I'm going all Halloween-themed. Ohhhh, yeah.

(P.S. I might still be high on candy.)

  • "Pumpkin and Winter Squash Recipes" from Farmer's Daughter: These looked too yummy and orange not to share. We love butternut squash, and I'd never even heard of a twice-baked squash. Must try.
  • "trying to raise free range children" from sesame ellis: This slightly applies to Halloween, because we got thoroughly rained on trick-or-treating yesterday. (Hence, our indoor mall plan for today.) I can remember so many Halloween costumes ruined by having to put a giant parka or raincoat over them. Also, all my memories of trick-or-treating are of going out with friends by ourselves, after dark. I'm sure a parent must have come with us when we were really young, but I don't even recall when that was. It made me wonder when I would be "allowed" in our current fear-based culture to let Mikko trick-or-treat door-to-door with his friends and no adults. But that has barely anything to do with the article. Enjoy the pictures; enjoy the sentiment.
  • "Scary Muslims In Their Nerve-Wracking Muslim Garb" from Escaping To My Happy Place: This made me think of costumes, and how we've assigned some people to the scary group and some to the friendly. How we see the costumes and not the people. Just watching the faces on this video made me smile.
  • "Tricks and a Treat" from Better After: On Photoshop costumes, and their effect on how we view ourselves in the mirror.
  • "boo!" from Bliss: I saw almost this exact picture when we were trick-or-treating.
  • Submissions for the November Carnival of Natural Parenting on "What is natural parenting?" are due this Tuesday, November 2. Carnival of Natural Parenting -- Hobo Mama and Code Name: MamaWe're asking participants to explore one aspect of natural parenting and what it means to them — from cloth diapering to breastfeeding, learning at home to gentle discipline. You pick the topic. We'll arrange them by theme and write up some nice introductory posts on Natural Parents Network to link back to yours throughout the month of November. It's going to be fun!
  • Speaking of Natural Parents Network, our official launch is tomorrow! Click over tomorrow to enjoy the start of a month of original content, fun giveaways, supportive forums, and other natural parenting fabulousness.

I have so many more I could share, but I'll save them for next week and try not to read so much this week… Meanwhile, Mikko's trying on my nursing bra as a belt, so I guess that's his cue that it's time to get his actual costume on and go get the supplies to be more hyper.

You can find more shared items during the week at my public Google Reader recommendations feed.

Check out Authentic Parenting, Baby Dust Diaries, Maman A Droit, Navelgazing, pocket.buddha, Breastfeeding Moms Unite!, Enjoy Birth, A Domesticated Woman's Adventures, and This Adventure Life for more Sunday Surfing! (If you also participate in a regular link list, whether on Sunday or not, let me know and I'll add your link.)

Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments. Happy reading!


Momma Jorje said...

It looks like Mikko has a good rain-proof costume there. :-)

Have you ever participated in NaBloPoMo? Good luck on NaNoWriMo! My oldest signed up to organize local write-ins this year and I drove her to the kick-off last night!

I think you are insane for doing the new NPN kickoff in November, coinciding with NaNoWriMo! AND you're pregnant! (in case you didn't know) ;-) You feeling extra tired at all?

I hope all is well with you!

Lauren Wayne said...

Momma Jorje: I know — that was the huge bonus of that fire jacket & plastic hat! He stayed pretty snug & dry. I wish I'd had a costume like that.

I haven't done NaBloPoMo, because it's the same month, which bums me out, and I found out about it and NaNoWriMo at about the same time so had to choose one. (Doing both at once = not my chosen cup of tea.) I'm so impressed with your oldest's drive! How cool. I hope to go to some write-ins again this year, but this time actually talk to people…

And, yes, oh my gosh, I'm totally dreading November. Did I mention we're also going to visit my in-laws out of state? Gah. I think there is very little sleep in my near future, which is a huge bummer. I already keep falling asleep for odd little pregnancy cat naps on the couch. Oh, speaking of which, it's 5:49 a.m. here, and I've been up trying to get NPN things ready, and I am finally going to bed. Up again in a few hours to keep writing blog posts & also launch my new novel! Yipes.

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