Monday, March 8, 2010

New Hobo Mama design!

This is what I've been doing instead of writing. Look around you: I changed the wallpaper!

To refresh your memory, here's what things used to look like:

vintage Hobo Mama screen shot

You don't have to tell me it used to look awful, because I really did like my cheerful vintage look. (You know, like when you get a haircut and people go, "Oh, my gosh, that's SO MUCH better," and you want to kick them?)

But...isn't it beautiful now?

Sam worked so hard to get this together for me. Thank you, sweets! (He's one of the cuties in the screen shot there.)

We took the header picture several months ago in preparation. That's Mikko in the ERGO on my back. For safety fanatics out there, those tracks aren't in use. They seriously run into a building several feet back from where we were shooting. I'm not such a hardcore model that I like to endanger my son! He was quite irritated by the time the shoot was over, though, quashing my dreams of making him into a child star. Ha!

As all of you poke around and enjoy the site in the next days and weeks, do let me know if things work for you or not so much. I tried to copy over all the functions of the old site, but you never know!

The other thing I've been working hard on is the March Carnival of Natural Parenting — posting TOMORROW! Check back for lots of wonderful articles on old-school green living. You'll get so many good ideas — I guarantee it.*

*Unless you are (a) already a supremely evolved eco-warrior
or (b) unable to read.  I just hope the reason you're unable 
to read isn't because there's a glitch in my site redesign!


Anonymous said...

I love the new look! Although I honestly liked the old one, too. Mostly, I just really like the new header. Very hobo and all that jazz. All you need is a stick with a parcel tied to it and you'd be all set.

Anonymous said...

Love that header!

Darcel said...

Very nice. I like it!

Wendy Armbruster Bell said...

It's always nice to freshen things up a bit... liked the old and like the new! Congrats!

macondo mama said...

It looks great. And, probably not of relevance to most people with decent internet connections, but it loaded quite a bit faster for me than your previous site did. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I liked the old look, and I like the new one too. The header picture is gorgeous!

BluebirdMama said...

Very nice new design and great header. Well done!

Lisa C said...

Oh, hey, I missed this post, and left my comment about the new look elsewhere. Anyway, like I said, I love it. I'd like to give my blog a face lift, but wordpress has limited options, it seems. Grr.

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