Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

So...eons ago I received gracious notice of an award, as well as an invitation to a meme. Here I am trying to get up to speed on it all. I actually was going to try to fit both into this post, but I'm not that coordinated apparently! So, award first!

Cave Mother passed on the One Lovely Blog Award:

One Lovely Blog Award

The rules accompanying it are to find a dizzying 15 newly discovered blogs to pass it along to, which sounds like an exponentially impossible scheme to me, so I'll add blogs as I find or think of 'em. I also don't promise they'll be "new," just that I enjoy them a lot and want to fan some attention their way. 'K? 'K.

Here's my list:
     • My World...Edenwild — For her thoughtful parenting and thoughtful posting, the kind of posts that make me want to write long, post-length comments that I have no time for but that swirl in my head for days
     • Honest to Betsy — Because her writing is so freaking hilarious
     • Mami, alapteaza-ma! — All right, if you're like me and don't read Romanian, you won't be able to understand this site, but I wanted to plug it anyway. Roxana, the owner and mother of a breastfeeding toddler, is offering articles about breastfeeding and even translating some from the English. Yea for breastfeeding support in every language!
     • Babyfingers — Insightful mama of two sweet young girls, and a fierce advocate for all things attachment

All right, I've seriously been writing this post for over a week now, intending to go through all my Google Reader links and pick out some more great blogs. I give up for now, with the understanding that I can come back and add to the list if I wanna.

Award recipients, take note: I will not be offended if you don't wish to participate in the responsibility of passing this award along, and I apologize if you've already received it elsewhere and I'm too dim to notice. I just wanted you to know that I've been enjoying your writing! Thank you for what you share.


Lisa C said...

Lauren, I feel so honored! And what nice things you said about my blog--it makes me feel good to know you think about what I write even if you don't have time to comment. :) I'd pass the award right back to you, but then that would be silly. Or would it? I was planning on recognizing your blog at some point, anyway.

ANYWAY, thank you! And on my birthday, too, you made my day extra special!

Rox said...

Wow! Thank you very much!What a surprise!
I am so proud!!!!

Lauren Wayne said...

Oh, happy birthday, Lisa! Hope your day was wonderful.

Lisa C said...

Thanks Lauren! And seriously, don't feel bad about not leaving comments (especially now that I know you are thinking about what I write, it really makes me feel good). But of course, I do LOVE your comments.

Cave Mother said...

I also think Edenwild and Honest to Betsy are brilliant. I have checked out the other english one you recommended too!

It is sometimes so hard to find time to read and comment on other blogs as well as writing my own. I don't really know what I should prioritise.

Lauren Wayne said...

Yes! There's writing posts, responding to comments on your own site, and reading and commenting on others', and it all takes time. Especially if you want to leave something thoughtful and not just "yeah, that" (not that that's a bad thing on occasion!). I often find time to read others' blogs when I'm nursing Mikko to sleep, but my hands aren't free right then to type. Then, later, I have to try to remember what I was going to say, but if he's actually asleep, that's also my only time to write my own posts (plus work on other writing, work on our home business, do housework, relax, etc.). I had this schedule worked out once where I wrote posts 3 days a week, and commented 2 days a week, but I never stuck to it. I'm thinking maybe starting a new one where I comment at least 1 day a week to ease into the idea! Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not alone in trying to set priorities.

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