Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding on a motorcycle

Indonesias EID Motorcycle Migration

I was trying out BlogHer's new PicApp image search and of course entered in "breastfeeding" for any good results I could find. I was pretty floored by this Indonesian mama nursing her baby in a sling on the back of a bike! Her family's on the way to an Eid festival. I guess the good thing to say is that she's safety-conscious enough to wear a helmet, and to breastfeed. :)

As a caveat, I don't recommend babywearing as an appropriate safety measure in a moving vehicle, whether it's a car or a bicycle or a motorcycle. But what a picture!

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Photo by Dimas Ardian, Getty Images.


Ayie said...

i truly find this unsafe for both mom and baby...

Marketing Mama said...

I think the photo is awesome. Thanks for sharing it. You know, that's an entirely different culture and I'm guessing it's the norm for them to carry babies on the backs of motorcycles there.

A few years ago I was in very rural Alaska and a native Alaskan was wearing a baby on a sling on her back while driving a pickup truck - and I don't think she could have been wearing a seatbelt.

As strange as it seems, different cultures have different tolerance levels for safety based on what is accessable.

Thanks again!

Cave Mother said...

I know it's not safe, but it's cool. Great find!

Melodie said...

I agree with Markeing Mama's comment. It's not safe but a different culture. This isn't going to amke anyone out there think it's okay. Because here, it's not. Great find!

Lauren Wayne said...

I totally agree with you all! Definitely a cultural thing, where that is probably the only/best option. Actually, the full caption was talking about how many motorcycle and car deaths there are on the way to the Eid festival, so that was kind of the point of the original photographer, it would seem, to highlight the safety concerns. But I just thought it was also a great image of a culture where breastfeeding and babywearing are so normal that they would happen out in public as part of a motorcycle procession.

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