Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers in spring

I came across these gems in my unending
photo-editing quest.

Three brothers in their Easter duds:

Looking sibling-sweet
in Nana-smocked outfits.

Now a little behind-the-scenes glimpse for you:

I also quite like this series of Alrik
trying to pretend he's not
oh-so-surreptitiously unwrapping
yet another chocolate egg:

And this exhibit of Karsten's mood
and Mikko's unflappable good will about it:

Eventually we were done confining the poor souls,
and they were allowed to run free:

And since I'm sharing Easter pictures,
I'll go whole hog with you
and show you their cute Easter Bunny photo:

I had many doubts that anyone would even stand near him,
much less sit on his lap,
but look how game they were.

Love these little dudes!


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