Friday, April 25, 2014

LAST CHANCE for the Essential Parenting Collection: Price reduced!

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Essential Parenting Collection from Mindful Nurturing
Mindful Nurturing's Essential Parenting Collection is ENDING TOMORROW!

And…we've reduced the price big-time, from $49.97 all the way down to $32 for the full bundle.

It's also your last chance to grab any of the topical mini-bundles ($19.97) on Pregnancy and Birth, Parenting the Early Years, Child Development, Mindful Guidance, and Resources for Parents.

For a full overview of ALL the 35 e-resources, read my introductory post.

For a mini-review of several resources that have meant something to me, visit this post.

Here are pictures of the amazing titles included in the full collection, for only $32, plus several existing and NEW bonuses:

Essential Parenting Collection from Mindful Nurturing

Remember, also included is my own book, The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing.

The Natural Parent's Guide to BabywearingDo you want to expand your babywearing repertoire? Learn some new ties, brave some new carriers? This book is like a friendly babywearing class, giving an introductory overview of babywearing, along with troubleshooting ideas for special circumstances. We'll talk about the benefits of babywearing, types of common carriers, how to babywear safely, pictorial how-tos for how to tie and wrap the most popular carriers, tutorials for making your own carrier, and a list of helpful resources for information and support on your babywearing journey. It would make an ideal gift for a first-time parent, or for someone new to babywearing who wants to start!

The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing is part of the Parenting the Early Years Module.

If you bought just the six titles from my mini-reviews separately, it would run you $137.96. If you bought the full collection piecemeal, it would cost you $750! Contrast that with $32 (through SATURDAY only!) for the full Essential Parenting Collection.

The full collection includes eCourses, eBooks, eAudiobooks, eWorkshops, online yoga courses, and more. With purchase of the full collection, you get exciting extras, like coloring pages from natural parenting artists, an earth-loving activity book, a print copy of Man and Woman and Child, and resources on compassionate communication and encouraging self-esteem.

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Hurry! The sale ENDS SATURDAY NIGHT, April 26 — and these resources will never again be sold together at this price!

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