Friday, April 11, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Go Reusable at Home at Natural Parents Network

I have a post today at Natural Parents Network with "10 Easy Ways to Go Reusable at Home."

In the spirit of Earth Day this month, I'm sharing 10 simple changes you can make to create a more eco-friendly environment in your home. Some of you might have done all these and then some, but for those of us who need a nudge in a new direction, here are some baby steps to pick and choose from, according to where you are on your environmental journey.

Natural Parents Network: 10 Easy Ways to Go Reusable at Home

1. Replace paper towels with cloth dish towels, sponges, and rags.

It can seem daunting to discontinue paper towel use when you're accustomed to grabbing one several times a day for all manner of cleaning projects. If the idea of going cold turkey scares you, keep a roll at hand but gradually increase the number of reusable options you have as well.

Here's what we use in place of paper towels.

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Photo credits:
Dish towels: Becky F
Bento box: Maki
Wool dryer balls & cloth diapers: Hobo Mama


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