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Nourished Living Summit: Hear me speak on long-term breastfeeding!

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Nourished Living Summit: Hear me speak on long-term breastfeeding! == Hobo MamaWant to hear me speak about long-term breastfeeding along with 61 other presentations on natural family living from 68 other (amazing) speakers? And want to hear it all for free?

I'm a presenter and happy affiliate of the Nourished Living Summit, which brings together natural health, wellness, and parenting professionals who are dedicated to helping parents care for their family naturally. These experts know that this parenting gig is not easy and as such are equipping you with the information you need to either begin, continue, or expand your journey as a natural-minded parent.

The Nourished Living Summit is a FREE online event
that runs March 24 through April 29.

About the summit

It won't be like those other Summits, the ones where you have 24 hours to listen to 10 hour-long presentations. No - the Nourished Living Summit wants to give you as much information as you can absorb via an improved summit model. A model where you will have time on your side so you can take advantage of all the incredible information these speakers are handing you. The Nourished Living Summit is showcasing 62 presentations divided into 8 thematic tracks including:
  • Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Health and Development for Children Ages 0-18
  • Natural Health and Wellness for the Whole Family
  • Care and Nurturing For Mothers
  • Education for Natural Minded Parents

You will have 48 hours to listen to 3-5 presentations. Each track is divided over the course of two 48-hour periods. Presentations will stream live Monday-Saturday with Sundays off.

You MUST be registered in order to listen to the presentations. You can register on the home page of the official Nourished Living Summit website.

About the speakers

Want to learn more about the Nourished Living Summit lineup? Check it out!

Nourished Living Summit Collage

I'll be speaking April 9 on breastfeeding beyond the age of 2. Other names on the speaker list include Elizabeth Pantley, Dr. Jay Gordon, and Dr. Laura Markham — whoa — plus some of my favorite natural parenting bloggers, like Dionna Ford, Guggie Daly, Emma Kwasnica, Jessika Bailey, and a bunch of my NPN friends. I'm tempted to name them all, but maybe you should just see the full speaker & presentation list yourself (I'm tucked into Ages 3-6):


Infertility and Preconception Health
Donielle Baker
Natural Fertility and Wellness

Natural Family Planning and Ecological Breastfeeding
John and Sheila Kippley
Natural Family Planning

Birth Choices
Nicole Deggins, CNM, MSN, MPH
Sista Midwife Productions

Carrying and Parenting Multiples
Trisha Gilkerson
Breastfeeding Place

Preventing Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies Before Conception
Jill Baumann, BS, NC
Guided Path To Health

Herbs and Oils for Pregnancy and Birth
Jessica Aveni
Natural Health and Prevention

Eating For Two
Courtney Hillis
THRIVE: Natural Family Living

Family Oriented Bonding
Guggie Daly
The Guggie Daly


Supporting and Boosting Milk Supply Naturally
Diana West, BA, IBCLC
Low Milk Supply and Mahala Lactation and Perinatal Services, LLC

Building Blocks To A Healthy Breastfeeding Relationship
Dionna Ford
Code Name Mama

Back to Work Breastfeeding
Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC
The Second Nine Months

Breastfeeding As A Source of Joy
Christine Poirier-Brotchie
Momzelle Nursing Wear

Donor Milk
Emma Kwasnica
Human Milk 4 Human Babies

Nutrition and Breastfeeding
Becky Webb, NTP, CD (DONA)
Rooted Blessings

Inducing Lactation – One Mother’s Story
Millie Copper
Real Food For Less Money

Tongue Tie
Jennifer Tow, B.F.A., IBCLC
Intuitive Parenting Network


The Vaccine Decision – What Parents Need To Know
Jessika Bailey
Natural Mother Magazine

Gentle Sleep Solutions
Elizabeth Pantley
The No-Cry Solutions

Baby Led Weaning and Starting Solids
Kate Tieje
Modern Alternative Mama

Laura Schuerwegen
Authentic Parenting

Newborn Decisions/Newborn Care
Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D
Author of The Business of Baby

Proper Care of Your Intact Son
Jennifer Andersen
Our Muddy Boots
Larissa Black
The WHOLE Network

Cloth Diapering
Miriam J. Katz
Author of The Other Baby Book and Intuitive Life Coach
Megan McGrory Massaro
Author of The Other Baby Book

Elimination Communication
Marija Mikolajczak
EC Wear

Jennifer Wenzel
True Confessions of a Real Mommy
Julie Mangan
A Little Bit of All of It
Shannon Riley
The Artful Mama


Dr. Jay Gordon, MD FAAP
Dr. Jay Gordon

Childhood Development Disorders
Dr. Jamie Oskin, N.D.
Arizona Natural Health Center

Chiropractic For Children and In Pregnancy
Dr. Staci Borkhuis, D.C.
Cornerstone Chiropractic

Children’s Dental Health
Will and Susan Revak

Extended Breastfeeding and Tandem Nursing
Lauren Wayne
Hobo Mama

Potty Training/Learning
Robert Edwards
Squatty Potty
Moorea Malatt
Savvy Parenting Support

Fostering Healthy Independence
Ariadne Brill
Positive Parenting Connection

Children and Reading
Elaine Krishnan
Usborne Books and More 
Jana Kemp
Jana M. Kemp


Dr. Sherrill Sellman, N.D
What Women Must Know with Dr. Sellmen

Adrenal Health For Children
Michael Smith, N.D. BHSC
Planet Naturopath

Teen Health
Lydia Shatney
Divine Health From The Inside Out

Posture Makes Perfect: The Benefits of a Physically Balanced Life
Elizabeth Eckert
Word Cures

Parenting Without Stereotypes
Paige Lucas-Stannard
Parenting Gently

Raising Your Children To Know Where Their Food Comes From
Abbie Walston
Farmer’s Daughter

whole Family

Common Childhood Illnesses
Dr. Mary Bove, ND
Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic

Skincare for Families
Jennifer Saleem
Hybrid Rasta Mama

Food Allergies
KerryAnn Foster
Intentionally Domestic

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
Joy Moeller, BS, RDH
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Gluten
Joe Rigola
Wellness Punks

How Candida and Parasites May Be Harming Your Children’s Health
Amy Love, NTP, CGP, CILC
Real Food Whole Health

Environmental Toxins
Andrea Fabry
moms AWARE

Kombucha for Families
Hannah Crum
Kombucha Kamp

mama care

Preventing Postpartum Depression
Amanda Rose
Rebuild From Depression

Herbal Support for New and Overwhelmed Mothers
Carol Little
Studio Botanica

Self Care For Moms
Lauren Luquin
Spiral Elixir

Healing from Trauma and the Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation
Stephanie Brandt Cornais
Mama and Baby Love

Getting Centered
Amy Phoenix
Presence Parenting

Mommy Tummy and Diastasis Recti
Bethany Learn
Fit2Be Studio

The Babywearing Workout
Kelly Stewart
The Babywearing Workout

Parent Empowerment

Managing Anger and Overwhelm as a Parent
Dr. Laura Markham
Aha Parenting

Attachment Parenting: Creating a Foundation for Healthy Child Development
Kelly Bartlett
Author of Encouraging Words for Kids

Becoming Aware of Possible Toxins Around your Children; Choosing Safe Products for Your Children
Dawn Lorenz
Raising Natural Kids

Holistic Fathers – Engaging and Including Dad
Billy Bradley
Holistic Dad

Creating a Natural Medicine Cabinet
Rosalee de la Foret
Herbal Remedies Advice

Sneaky Nutrition
Lisa Herndon
Lisa’s Counter Culture

Real Food For Families
Kimi Harris
The Nourishing Gourmet

Finding Community
Chara Shopp
Stitching Hearts Together
Judy Tyler
Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy

About my presentation

You can hear me speak on April 9 on long-term breastfeeding, the day you can also hear incredible speakers on potty learning, fostering independence, and learning to read.

I was very happy to have a telephone conversation about one of my favorite subjects: breastfeeding! I was even happier to shed some light on the more culturally unique subtopics of long-term breastfeeding (also called extended breastfeeding, full-term breastfeeding, or breastfeeding past infancy) and tandem breastfeeding (nursing more than one child at a time, though not necessarily simultaneously).

Nourished Living Summit: Hear me speak on long-term breastfeeding! == Hobo Mama

  • I discuss five years of breastfeeding Mikko, including his gentle weaning, and two and a half years (so far) of breastfeeding Alrik.
  • I talk very honestly about my own experiences, challenging as they were, with breastfeeding through pregnancy and tandeming.
  • I give pragmatic advice about how to encourage a mutually respectful and beneficial breastfeeding relationship with toddlers on up.
  • I'm able to point to some of the research and resources available about the effects and benefits of long-term breastfeeding.
  • I touch on topics such as
    • health benefits to the mother,
    • the safety of breastfeeding through pregnancy,
    • legal ramifications of breastfeeding older children,
    • anthropological and historical evidence of long-term breastfeeding,
    • and more!
So join me over at the Nourished Living Summit starting now and especially on April 9 — I look forward to hearing what you think!

Once you register with an email address, you'll receive an email every two days with the next speaker presentations available, and you'll have 48 hours to listen on your own schedule. After the presentations air live, there will be an option to purchase lifetime access to the presentations, but don't delay while it's still free!

What are you waiting for? Go register now for the Nourished Living Summit!


And this has nothing to do with anything, but: It's the LAST DAY for the the NPN Learning Through Play giveaway extravaganza! Enter to win a Kinderfeets balance bike or one of eight other fun & educational prizes, from online piano lessons to OgoBILD toys to a My Chickadee children's doll carrier and more!

Disclosure: Nourished Living Summit links are affiliate links.
I try to seek out only products I think you would find
relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent.
If I don't like a product, I won't be recommending it to you.
See my full disclosure policy here.


Shere said...

great iniciative!! I'll for sure join :)
Shere y Paul

Karen du Toit said...

Thanks Lauren

I would love to listen to your talk. I am also still breastfeeding an over five year old. Very little, and not every day, but when she asks for it! :D

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