Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Surf: Respectful parenting

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Sunday Surf: Respectful parenting == Hobo Mama
Since Sam and I trade off taking the boys and working, the parent-on-duty usually tries to find some fun event or locale for one part of the day. This day I was excited to see that police horses would be at a nearby shopping center. Only … Alrik fell asleep on the way there and would not awaken. Mikko, meanwhile, would only look at the horses from the car. So I took a picture with my phone. Hey, I tried.

Sunday Surf: Respectful parenting == Hobo Mama
More successful this week was our Family Day (the day we all do something together),
when we headed to the craft store to see if we could find a science or art project we could all
work on. We stopped by the toy store to look for a CSI kit (Mikko loves playing detective),
and Alrik zoned with the trains. I know it's blurry,
but can you tell his lips are making a choo-choo sound?


Twitter party on bullying:

Join us TOMORROW, Monday, September 16, for our monthly Twitter chat — this month's topic is Bullying, perfect for back to school but also for any parent worried about aggression in children, the effects of punishment, cyber threats, how we can help kids stand up for themselves, and how we can promote peace in schools but also in our own homes.

See more information at the Twitter party page, and we'll catch you in the #NatParNet chat room at 7 p.m. Pacific / 10 p.m. Eastern.

Along the tracks at ourfeministplayschool:

Where is Our Red Tent?

What I wouldn’t give for a red tent. An excuse to withdraw and release and be weepy and mopey in peace, and in communion. To stop pretending that my monthly cycles don’t affect my emotions. To stop pretending I am stronger than the need for good sleep and consistent meals. To allow that physical pain stops me in my tracks and makes me want to curl into a ball, and to do so. To acknowledge that bleeding between my legs makes me want to slow down instead of doing a tampon commercial showing how I can still swim and teach aerobics and run a marathon. To admit that, sometimes, I get cranky when I’m on the rag, and that that’s OK. Because it isn’t a contest, and I haven’t let our side down.
Read more at, and I'll chat with you in the comments over there!

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