Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Brotherly recollections

adorable brothers in tea collection shirts - siblings
When I saw my two boys sitting there in their matching Tea Collection shirts
(from a giveaway I did a year and a half ago),
I had to grab the camera and ask them to strike a pose.

adorable brothers in tea collection shirts - siblings
Remember back to Christmas 2011?
The boys were seven months and four and a half years.
The shirts still fit and look great — as do the little guys!

adorable brothers in tea collection shirts - siblings
Different shirts, same timeframe. Aw!
And now they're almost two and almost six — hard to believe!

adorable brothers in tea collection shirts - siblings
I love a look back, and seeing how adorable they still are.
There's some brotherly affection.

You'll also enjoy sweet photos of Doll Play over at Natural Parents Network! Alrik's clutching his latest amour.

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The Mad House of Cats and Babies said...

Aw, that's so lovely. I must confess, my two squabble a fair amount at the moment, slightly bossy, wants to mother her little brother 6 year old meets fiercely independent, determined 3 year old and we get fireworks, but when they cuddle together and love one another, it does make my heart melt!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are too cute for words!! I can't get my two in a pic together to save my life :)

Stephanie said...

That sbling relationship is truly special!

Masshole Mommy said...

Ahhh, isn't it nice when they get along?

Tree Peters said...

they are just too perfect. That last one really does need to be framed. I love how similar and how very different their faces are. Or their expressions... or whatever makes up the inside stuff is....
I just love them.

Run DMT said...

Those boys are just all sorts of ooey gooey cuteness! Adorable!

Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures! Your sons really have a good relationship! I dig the matching Tea Collection shirts!:) Enjoy the rest of your day.

Lauren Wayne said...

@The Mad House of Cats and Babies: Believe me, mine squabble more often than not! Which is why pictures like these are worth treasuring. ;)

Lauren Wayne said...

@wildflowerramblings: I know it — I'm amazed how camera-trained they are, ha ha!

Lauren Wayne said...

@Tree Peters: I know it — genetics are fascinating, hey? I can't get over it, either.

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