Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Superheroes

A 3-pack of Justice League boys T-shirts ended up providing us with our full range of costumes this year, as Mikko wanted to go as nothing else.

(Reference photo, not actually Mikko and Alrik)

Alrik loved touching the logo on his tummy and saying "Bat-boy"
no matter which costume he was wearing.

For sake of comparison, here's Mikko at 18 months in the Superman shirt.

Mikko's "power ring" sparkles blue and red, and always freaks us out when he turns it on in the car at night, because it exactly resembles police lights in the rearview mirror.

Action hero.
That's our new Pip & Bean cape, which we all lurve and you can win.

Green Lantern to the rescue!

Power ring on!

We dressed up for the trick-or-treating, as well. Here's Sam in our new Jack Sparrow hat and a skeleton costume he picked up at Goodwill Outlet.

I went as an old-fashioned wet nurse.

Well, and why not? I had the appropriate prop this year!
I feel odd pointing out my new nursing bra from A Mother's Boutique,
but you can win that, too!

Yup — just like in the olden days, breastfeeding Superman.

The Super Friends get their candy fix at our business
district's pre-Halloween trick-or-treating.

She's dryer lint.

Alrik's not quite sure what to do with his loot yet, but certain older parties might just appropriate his share. (It's slightly evil but entirely awesome to go trick-or-treating with a baby who doesn't know what candy is.)

Look at that haul!

Day two: Batmen! The Junction was hosting a harvest festival with games and crafts, so we headed out again in superhero fashion.

I am the night.

They call me Bat Boy.

Someone was pretty excited to be Batman.

We eventually decided that Alrik's blonde locks would most accurately mesh with the golden-haired Aquaman, so we whipped up a quick outfit. Fortunately, Aquaman has no logo. However, he does ride a seahorse in the old-school canon. Nailed it, right?

Mikko took his turn as Superman.

Gonna have to run this one again for comparison.

At Toddler Pumpkinpalooza, filled with games, toys, and food.

Coloring time.

I'm going to say that Aquaman drums, too.
No one really knows anything about Aquaman, anyway.

Aquaman in his patented fire-truck-mobile.

Facing his long-time nemesis, the Six-Faced Clown.

Love the reversible superhero cape? You can win it! Want a new nursing bra or maternity outfit? You can win that! Head over to the full NPN Gift Guide for holiday shopping ideas and over $2,500 in giveaway prizes! One easy entry system for ALL the prizes and lots of coupon codes offered for your Christmas shopping pleasure. Giveaway ends November 25.

You'll also love photos of little ones' First Haircuts over at Natural Parents Network, where my kid is the only one screaming. (Mikko always did have a flair for the dramatic!)

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Farmer's Daughter said...

Fun! I especially lie your wet nurse costume. I went as a milk maid one year when Josh was a cow. Pulling together/making Halloween costumes used to be one of my favorite things to do each year!

Shana said...

My 4 year old is also super hero obsessed these days. We had another Batman at my house this Halloween. Love the idea of putting a package of t-shirts to good use. For us it was a 2-pack of superhero jammies, hehe.

I'm Katie. said...

Oh, we went all out with the full Wolverine costume this year. He had every super hero costume possible by jammies alone, but I caved and got the body suit with muscles. Hey, at least I know what he'll be wearing to preschool for the next six months.

By the way, your wet nurse costume made my day!

KellyNaturally said...

"Reference photo, not actually Mikko and Alrik" <-- LOL!!!!!! Because before I read that I was thinking, gosh, she needs a disclaimer here. ;)

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