Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Surf: Manifesting hedgehogs

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaWelcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

I finished my excise taxes for all three businesses, in time even. Now I just have to figure out the IRS ones, but let's tackle that after a little breather.

Beyond that, Sam and I have been trying to calculate a couple things: how to eat and how much to spend. We've been cooking up a food challenge that, if all goes well, I'll invite you to participate in at some point. It's probably more for newbies to natural eating, but I assume some of you are with me at that end of the spectrum.

I've also been trying to figure out our budget. I realized why we never do budget — it's because I'm terrible at it! Numbers were flying everywhere, and I ended up with barely any more clarity than when I started. But we'll keep at it and try to make sense of it all. I've decided the first step (for us) is having a more purposeful distinction between business and personal income — an easy line to blur when you're a sole proprietor.

But it hasn't all been cooking the books. (If you're an auditor reading this, that was just a bad pun.) This past week has also let me enjoy some sun and some socializing. February is often a beautiful gift in the Northwest. Hope you're enjoying yours!

Now on to some reading!

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  • Manifesting Lessons. - Clean. 

    This idea of manifesting what you want to attract it to you is really intriguing to me. I don’t even have to subscribe to any mystical, spiritual reasons it might work to give it a try (and I can acknowledge the way life is sometimes bigger and badder than what we want). I think focusing on what you want makes a couple changes right away: It focuses you on the positive rather than the negative, so you’re concentrating in the right direction. And, secondly, you’re more likely to make choices that bring you to your goal if you keep that goal in mind. Say my wish is, “I will live comfortably in a clean, beautiful space.” If I repeat that to myself daily, then I’ll be able to see what does and doesn’t fit in with that vision. I might get rid of clutter or clean the kitchen or paint some furniture, all to help the vision in my mind come true. My eyes will be open, and any decisions I make I can weigh against the vision in my mind, letting go of anything that doesn’t work with it without a sense of conflict. I already think I manifest when it comes to parenting, because I have clear visions of how I want to relate to my children as we all keep growing together.
    (via Michelle from The Parent Vortex on FB)
  • Momma Jorje: I did not Birth a Syndrome 

    On having a child with special needs and seeing beyond the label.
  • Positions For Labour And Childbirth | Diary of a First Child 

    Wonderful descriptions of positions to move into during labor, back labor, and pushing courtesy of Luschka and beautiful drawings of same by I wish all childbirthing professionals, mamas, and birthing partners had access to printable charts such as these — print them out, pin them, share them around!
    moved moved moved during my long labor with Mikko. With more confidence during Alrik’s birth, I took to heart my midwife’s suggestion that birthing women, when not persuaded otherwise, will usually move into the position that’s instinctually best for them. I labored bent forward on my knees, and pushed in a semi-reclined squat. It worked, is all I can say!

Images from the week:

hedgehog alone at a meetup
(Left) A hedgehog I don't get to keep (sigh). Maybe I should manifest one?
(Right) The first 10 minutes of a meetup I'd organized. I'm not used to being early for things, and neither is Mikko, clearly. Glad everyone showed up and we ended up having a great time.

If you like the idea of a daily photo challenge (I love the idea; I'm just afraid it would be too much pressure for me personally), Diary of a First Child is running the amazing Mamatography Challenge. You can sign up here. You can join in anytime, and simply try to take one picture (at least) a day, then post the week's photos online, for instance on Wordless Wednesdays. (And remember to link up with me for WW if you do!)

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2 comments: said...

Seriously? The hedgehog? So adorable! Did you post about it this week? I'm going back to see...I need to know more about this little guy!!

And the manifesting post...I shared it in my Sunday Surf this week too. There is something about the energy in the air right now. Lots of people are feeling that they are getting what they are focusing on. Maybe our collective minds are changing the world!

Lauren Wayne said... I only pined about the hedgehog on Facebook. I found that lovey on craigslist, but we're trying not to have a pet right now. I really did want it, though. Sigh.

And then we visited the pet store, where I'd had a connection with one of the cats up for adoption, and wouldn't you know it — he was gone. Hope he went to a good home. He was a dear.

I love the idea of collective mind changing!

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