Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Surf: Love all around

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaWelcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

We think Alrik might have signed his first sign last night: FAN. I'm so looking forward to communicating more with him. It's like having your dog suddenly start talking to you, only not as worthy of a sitcom.

When I was trying to put the boys to sleep, Mikko kept trying to help me bounce Alrik and rub his back, and this cracked Alrik up no end. This made it ineffective as a relaxation technique but adorable as sibling bonding.

Mikko hugged me and said out loud every variation of our love for each other: "You really love me, Mama." Yes. We covered that I really love Alrik and Sam, and that each of them loves me back. It was the perfect affirmation to end the night on.

Here's some reading!

  • Momma Jorje: Composting: a Beginner's Guide 

    Guest post from Chris & Rebekah of Liberated Family that is totally inspiring me. I’ve been wanting to compost for our garden (located at a friend’s house) but the only outdoor space I can call my own is a teensy balcony. Ready for this suggestion?
    But what if you don’t have room for even one pile? Put a plastic container on the deck or backyard, buy a commercial compost spinner, or just get a large plastic trash can with a tight-fitting lid. If you use any type of airtight container, drill or poke some holes in it so it can breathe. And if you’ve used a trash can, turning the compost is so simple - just lay it on its side and roll it.
  • A Letter to the Father of Hannah Who Posted “To My Parents” on Facebook | BlogHer 

    I liked this response to the father who posted the video of himself shooting his daughter’s laptop. It doesn’t shame the father or blame the daughter but suggests there’s a better way to deal with family problems and that there’s already a good place to start:
    So, I just wanted to suggest that when all the hubbub DOES die down (and I’m praying this happens fairly quickly, before more dangerous and intense “one-uppance” behaviors continue) that you start where you almost finished…start with those words: “Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father, and I don’t know how to correct the situation.”
  • The Perfect Placenta - Job Description: Mommy 

    I love the placenta! And it’s so odd that anyone on Facebook would think to complain about placenta pictures, and that Facebook’s response would be to ban the posters. Ah, well, I appreciate this informative rebuttal — with pictures, of course! Learn a little more about this fascinating organ.

Guest post:

The loud silence of disbelief

at Catapult Magazine


How to tag Facebook pages from your fan page

If Facebook is acting up for you, here are 2 easy steps to follow!

Drop-down for switch accounts through multiple-sign in for Google and Gmail screenshot

Simplify your Google & Gmail accounts:

How to log into multiple Google accounts
How to forward email to another Gmail account
How to send from multiple email addresses in one Gmail account

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