Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Surf: Kicking off World Breastfeeding Week

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

breastfeeding Skinies cami and dress at wedding
A quiet nursing moment during the wedding festivities
We went on our first trip as a family of four this weekend. We kept it small: a road-and-ferry trip to a friend's wedding that brought us about four hours away, and a night in a cabin. Still, it was on bunk beds, so that counts for something.

And here we are, back in one piece! (Or, I guess, four pieces. It's not like we accidentally got melded together on the road.)

Enjoy some links, then!

via on 7/30/11
I was trying to think of what I wanted to say about the new no-kids ban in that restaurant, and then I thought: I'll just wait till someone I like says something clever. Procrastination pays off. This is a parody making a favorite point of mine (that if it were any other group banned, we would all rightly be up in arms about the discrimination), and here's a sarcastic post for further reading: Love 'em both. For those who don't like kids being out in public, I keep thinking: You know, you can choose (usually) not to HAVE kids, but what you can't choose is that you WERE a kid once. So be nice. And that's about all I have to say.

via on 7/29/11
Really thought this guest post on relative adoption from the side of the birth mother was so interesting. Read more from Jorje on the topic at her own blog, too:

via on 7/29/11
Great defense of why asking breastfeeding mothers to "just" cover up when nursing in public is not at all simple or advisable. I was also shocked at the author's own NIP-confrontation story: Check out how covered she is in her picture — and yet she was still asked to move along!

Thank you! Another passionate voice for rear facing kids in cars as long as possible (which is to the limits of the car seat). Cars are astonishingly dangerous for kids. Rear facing saves lives!
If something is shown to be 500% safer than something else, and proven to save 92 out of 100 lives, why would you not do the safer thing?

World Breastfeeding Week

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Momma Jorje said...

Thanks for the link-up. I'm liking your new style of SS, too. Looks like we definitely read some of the same stuff this week, too. But that shouldn't be surprising. :-)

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