Thursday, December 3, 2009

Want to be added to my blogroll?

Blogroll list for Hobo MamaAs long as I'm doing a spot of housekeeping, let me add a little something:

I completely neglect my blogroll. I read posts off Google Reader, or from links in someone else's post or from Twitter or Facebook. Months will go by, and suddenly I will realize: Oh, no, I don't have So-and-So who's totally awesome and fantabulous in my blogroll! And I'm in hers! She must think I'm such a jerk.

So, this is just to say: If you think you belong in my blogroll, you probably do. So let me know if you're not. Also let me know if you want a link or name altered or removed. You can leave a comment or write me: mail ~at~

I have two blogrolls, by the by. One is a static text list, and that's what I'm talking about here, the one titled "Favorite Blogs." The other, titled "Friends' Recent Posts," is a rotating list with little thumbnails and snippets of what's most recently been updated. If you've just put up a post and don't see yourself there, either, let me know, and I'll make sure the feed's coming through.

I'm always hesitant to call attention to myself and ask to be included on a blogroll. If you're the same, let me assure you that I'm actually pretty nice. If you write about natural parenting, I'm sure to want you here. So drop me a line and let's become reading buddies.

mail ~at~

P.S. I wouldn't be so shameless about asking for blogging-related feedback if it didn't work!


CaroLyn said...

Hilarious! I'm exactly the same with my blogroll. I used to use it as my RSS reader... until I figured out that RSS readers exist. Whoops! Bad geek, no pizza. You've just prompted me to do some tidying and additions to my blogroll at, where I added your fine blog. I'd certainly welcome that link back!

Missy said...

i'm the same with my blogroll..

i scrolled down and was shocked to see the breastfeeding ideas blog listed on yours.. and now i feel guilty for not posting! i stopped posting because the rest of the ladies in our district didn't seem very interested.. but i guess i should keep at it, because others might be!

ok.. i have to go post a tutorial on how to make breastfed baby poo...

Lauren Wayne said...

CaroLyn: Got it! Yes, it's sites like yours that I wonder -- wait, why wasn't it on there before?

Missy: I remember I put up the breastfeeding ideas blog because I checked out your profile back when we first "met" and that blog seemed more public, also useful, as you noted! I follow your other fine blog, too, but wasn't sure if it seemed stalkeresque at the time to post it in my blogroll. :) I can add/switch if you'd prefer!

Anonymous said...

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