Saturday, April 4, 2009

How not to be the most dangerous parent ever

I've been enjoying FreeRangeKids, a commonsense child-safety site recommended at Raising My Boychick.

In "Babyproofing Hysteria," FreeRangeKids cites an article warning against the dangers of plastic grocery bags.

And there's a link to a handout from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that counsels parents on safe handling of plastic bags, which apparently kill 25 babies a year.

The handout includes this illustration:

Worst cosleeping ever.

I like to store ALL my plastic bags all over my bed and then put my baby right in the middle. It's valid, though, because I need some place to store my bunny, my miniature dry-cleaned slacks, and my assortment of spare legs.

That drawing totally reminds me of Safe Baby Handling Tips (here are some examples from the book), only I think maybe the above illustrator is being serious?

All right, I hope you enjoyed your daily dose of patronization from the government. Be safe, people.


Beth Skwarecki said...

It's like those artists' renditions of all the dinosaurs EVER, happening to gather around the same watering hole at the same time.

Lauren Wayne said...

Totally! Species would always send one representative to the big dinosaur conferences.

Lisa C said...

LOL! Thanks for the great laugh, I needed it. I enjoy the Free Range Kids blog, too.

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