Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Calling all poets — it's National Poetry Month!

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It's April again, so it's time for the Poem-a-Day Challenge from Robert Brewer at Poetic Asides.

I know this seems off topic, but I really enjoyed participating last year and found that many of my poems were parenting-inspired.

So you also might find that having a daily prompt gives you the structure you need to process what's going on in your life — mamahood included. It was a release for me. One day, I was able to write my son (ten months old at the time!) an apology for being kind of a lame mother. Hmmm...maybe I should reread that one.

Here are the full rules. This year, if you post your daily poems in the comments on Robert Brewer's blog, you can win a completion certificate and possibly be included in an eBook. Snap!

Check in at my writing blog for any updates throughout the month.

Photo courtesy Marc Iserman


Lisa C said...

I have totally been planning on writing my son a poem in honor of him turning 9 months. I haven't written a poem in so long! I hope I haven't lost my touch.

Lauren Wayne said...

Oh, cool! I'm sure you'll get right back into it. Do you know how sad this is — I was thinking how much I enjoyed writing those poems last year, and I realized when opening my poetry file that that was the last time I'd written any? Hmm...

But I did get right back into it and am once again having fun. I hope you might consider posting your poem on your blog when you're done! It would be fun to read it.

Lisa C said...

I finished the poem, it's a long one! Not at all what I planned it to be, but that's the way with poems...almost like they write themselves. Or I should say my heart was writing, not my head. Anyway, it's on my blog, like I put my guts out for all too see. :)

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