Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter prayer

Mary grieving at the crossI was praying last night, which is something I haven't done directly in awhile, and with thoughts of Easter, I thanked God the Father for letting go of Jesus the Son for death.

And it's so commonplace in our religion that I often gloss over the meaning there or think of it only in spiritual terms.

But last night I had a visceral kick to the stomach at the thought of letting my baby die.

There are too many deaths of children around me, and each one is too, too much. Too much pain, unbearable, there-are-no-words suffering.

It's not right. Children shouldn't have to die before their parents, and parents shouldn't have to endure that.

Today is Easter, and it's the day of hope, of rebirth, of life returning. I grieve with those who are grieving today, and I wish us all hope and new life.

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Carrie said...

I COMPLETELY understand. I never grieved for God on Good Friday the way I did last year, until I was a parent. You just literally cannot emotionally understand the impact of what God did for us, giving His Son to be hurt for us, until you are a parent. Thank you for sharing this.

Lisa C said...

That was beautiful, and you made me cry. For me Easter came and went and I felt like I had missed it (baby kept me busy during the worship service and I am now in the nursery for the class time). I really should have made an effort of my own, but didn't. So thank you for this.

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