Friday, January 9, 2009

Bosom Buddies

I was over at, enjoying the selection of breastfeeding art. I decided to further research one of the showcased artists in the Fine Arts section, Petra Finkenzeller.

Bosom Buddies - Finkenzeller

If you go to her site, you can enjoy all the images from her 2006 Bosom Buddies collection promoting breastfeeding. It's a beautiful set of breastfeeding photographs!

Check out the eyes on this guy, and I love the composition here.

FYI: Here's are previous posts featuring breastfeeding art:
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Petra said...

Hello Hobo Mama!
I've just found myself on your fabulous site!(which no doubt I'll come back to for more browsing!_
thank you for mentioning my "Bosom Buddies" :-)
Have a great day & keep up the wonderful work,

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