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Personalized photo gifts for the holidays at Shutterfly {Hobo Mama's Gift Guide}

It's time for my annual roundup of coupons and deals sent to me by my affiliate partners. These are companies I support and recommend and whose savings I'd like to pass along to you for your holiday shopping! If you shop through my links, it costs you nothing extra and I get a little reward from the company to support my blogging. Thank you!

I need to come clean.

I have something of an addiction to Shutterfly.They just have so many cute gifts, made even cuter by the addition of my favorite little faces!

Shutterfly has the perfect assortment of holiday gifts for Christmas presents for loved ones. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other dear relatives will appreciate using high-quality items that just happen to feature their favorite people. Plus, Shutterfly is always offering amazing coupons and deals that make these gifts affordable.

Here are some of the items I myself have bought over the years and that I recommend to you. Yes, I purchased these with my own money, not sponsored. I told you I have an addiction — don't judge me!

This is a memory card game. With your own photos! Since we live far from most of our family, I filled the images with relatives' faces and gave this to my little ones to practice names and relations in a fun-filled manner. I included their own faces for the recognition enjoyment of it. You could also go scenic or nostalgic with your favorite vacation photos or similar.

Karsten loves puzzles and Pirate Family Fun & Learning, so I made him his own easy one with a piratey collage on it. Using the same deal at the time, I also made my newlywed brother and his wife, both jigsaw fans, a version with more pieces featuring photos from their wedding. You could do something similar as a gift, celebrating a particular event or showcasing a family photo.

Shutterfly's metal ornaments are lovely. Bright and sturdy and brilliant on your tree! We used coupons to make copies of this one for both sets of grandparents and us. These ornaments are a definite hit, and there are a lot of stylish templates to choose from.

Since you're already greening your shopping by choosing reusable bags, might as well love the bags you bring! With some coupons over time, I made these beauties for each grandma and the boys' cousin, plus three for us to enjoy. We've personally confirmed that they work great for groceries, beach toys, and travel. They're a generous size and a good quality, and the photo printing is vibrant.

Plus, they fold up into a little roll that you can tuck away so you always have a bag on hand!

I bought these cute magnets years ago and have enjoyed them on our fridge so much that I bought sets with more recent photos for the grandparents. I then designed some cute "home sweet home" ones for housewarming gifts with the newlyweds' engagement photos. Magnets, in this or the larger size, would also make an adorable way to share a birth announcement or family photo. (Note: Wear and tear is solely the fault of my kiddos, who like to do things like throw magnets or "cook" them in pots. You know how it is.)

Our correspondents love receiving letters from the kids on their personalized stationery. There's just enough space for a young one to write a short note or draw a charming picture, and I love the quality of the card stock, design, and printing, and the coordinating silver envelopes. You could customize note cards for yourself, give a set as a gift, or order a bunch for the kids to use for post-holiday thank-yous.

A more traditional photo gift is a photo book, and Shutterfly didn't disappoint there, either. Sam put together this retrospective on our trip to Legoland with Nana & Papa, and we gave my parents a copy to keep as a memento. The pictures are bright and clear, and the paper is thick and glossy. The layout process is pretty fun because of all the pre-designed layouts Shutterfly offers: Just plug in your photos, and print!

All right, that's what I wanted to share. They also have bookmarks, calendars, Advent calendars, personalized storybooks, blankets, pillows, mugs, birth announcements, phone cases, jewelry, address labels (we got a set for our Christmas letters), of course photo prints, canvases, and cards, and on and on and on. Oh, shoot, that reminds me of some products I forgot to take pictures of … ha. Maybe another time!

Here are a few tips to help your Shutterfly shopping experience be a positive one for you:
  1. First of all, coupons come around frequently. I recommend checking their sale page often to see what's new. You can also sometimes score coupons as deals with partners such as grocery stores (in the printout coupons or as part of a game promotion) or soda purchases or the like, so keep an eye out.
  2. If you see a product you like but time is not of the essence, go ahead and design it and then keep it in your saved designs until a relevant coupon comes along. We often do this when we give a gift and then decide we'd like one for ourselves, too! We just wait on the one for us until we can get a good deal.
  3. When you use a particularly good coupon (such as a "free" item), be aware that shipping will be charged and will seem high. Just expect that, and you won't feel as disappointed. "Free" coupons are really the price of the shipping and handling for the item, and it seems to be ticked up to cover their costs. Put the item and coupon in your cart, even if you haven't finished personalizing, to get a preview of the final costs so you can decide if it's still worth it for you. For me personally (obviously), usually the calculus still comes down on the side of being worth it.

With that said, here are Shutterfly's Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers. Bear in mind that their deals change frequently, so check that sale page for the current specials!

One Free Drawstring Backpack from Shutterfly. use code BAG4U. Valid 11/22-12/2

One set of Free Pencils from Shutterfly. use code FREEPENCILS. Valid 11/22-12/2

Up to 50% off at Tiny Prints with code CYBERSALE. Valid 11/25-11/27

40% off + Free Shipping at Tiny Prints with code BLACKFRIDAY. Valid 11/23-11/25

50% off Hard Cover Photo Books + 40-50% off Everything Else with code SAVENOW. Valid 11/23-11/25

Choose 10 Free Cards from Shutterfly with code 10FREECARDS at check out. Valid 11/22-11/25

Get 25% Off Your Order when you use code 25OFF2018 at Shutterfly! Valid 10/15-12/31

50% off Pet Collection for New Customers from Shutterfly! Use code PETS50. Valid 10/15-12/31

50% off Kids Collection for New Customers from Shutterfly! Use code KIDS50. Valid 10/15-12/31

30% off Pet Collection from Shutterfly! Use code PETS30. Valid 10/15-12/31

30% off Kids Collection from Shutterfly! Use code KIDS30. Valid 10/15-12/31

50% Off Gifts & Home Decor for New Customers at Shutterfly! Use code 50GIFTSNEW at check out. Valid 10/15-12/31

Free standard shipping on Tiny Prints orders of $10+ with code TPSHIP. Valid 10/11-12/31

Free 8x8 Photo Book for New Customers Only with code FREEBOOKNEW. Valid 10/7-12/31

Free 8x11 Calendar for New Customers Only with code FREECALNEW. Valid 10/7-12/31

New Customers Get 50 Free 4x6 Prints, One Free Magnet, and One Free Set of Address Labels!

Have fun at Shutterfly! Clearly, I did.



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