Thursday, October 11, 2018

Simple DIY pop-up Halloween card craft for kids

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Our sweet across-the-hall neighbors knocked and left the kids surprise buckets with Halloween treats within. As a thank-you, we came up with this pop-up card idea.

My preferred type of craft is the kind that absolutely anyone could do, and that probably many have done before. I'm sharing because these turned out super cute, and maybe you'd like a Halloween card idea. If my kids and I could handle this, so can you and yours.

Get out some colorful paper, and determine your pop-up items. My kids didn't fancy being too scary, so we went with pumpkins, and chose an orange construction paper as the base to save on coloring time. Other options could be a ghost or bat or such.

Remember to keep your pop-up items smaller than your card interior will be. We fit two big and one small on a single sheet.

For the jack-o'-lantern faces, have your kids draw or color in as their developmental stage suggests.

Keep your workspace absolutely clear of crafty chaos. I cannot stress this enough. Absolutely clear! Like so. Do not get out ALL the glitter glue and stickers and markers. Unless you have to.

Pick a card paper and fold it in half. Then we're going to use one of these thingy-dingies to secure our pop-up to the inside.

You probably remember how to make these accordion poppers from when you were bored in elementary school, but here's a refresher in case. Take two long strips of paper, as my faithful assistant models.

Cross one set of tips at right angles and use a dot of glue or tape to secure them.

Now you fold the bottom strip up and on top of the top strip.

Now you take the new bottom strip and fold that one onto the top.

Back and forth you go, as fast as little hands can fold.

Tada! Secure the ends with a bit more glue.

Paste your doingy-boingy (I don't know its proper name) into the interior of your card and your spooky jack-o'-lantern on the tip. Once the glue's dry enough to be stable, commence decorating.

Stickers are a hit with the younger set.

The finished product. I suggest decorating the front of the card, too, but I was overruled by my children.


We traced the pumpkin in glitter glue to make it fancy. I think it added a nice touch.

You can add an expression of surprise to the inside to accompany the popping up. We wrote "Boo" on one, but Karsten checked the message on his gifted bucket and diligently copied it for the other two: "Eek!"

We used our mini pumpkin for a pocket style of card. We added a “mooky” ghost (that is the fabulous way Karsten says “spooky”) with different glitter glue colors, and the obligatory stickers.

Make a simple pocket by folding over and affixing three sides of a piece of paper just big enough to let your creation peep out at the top.

Peek-a-boo pumpkin!

Here’s Karsten’s other Eek card.

Here are Alrik’s creations, which he preferred to keep pure and unsullied (and also unsent, because he loved them too much), and the “scary” face and design he chose.

Here’s his bigger peek-a-boo option...

...and how shocked he imagines the card recipient will be.

My kids choose their own poses.

Like so.

We sneaked our offerings to the neighbors like the super spies we are. (Super spies don’t wear pants.)

Mikko declined to join in the craftsiness, but he did knock on their door to take their orders for which treats we have that we could share with them. Again, I do not choose my children’s poses.

That’s all it takes to make some adorable cards. The surprise aspect lends itself really well to Halloween, but you could do cute options at any holiday: maybe a plain tree on the outside of a Christmas card with a pop-up decorated tree inside, a waggling turkey at Thanksgiving, or a heart and declaration of love for Valentine’s. Have fun!




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