Wednesday, November 22, 2017

60% off KiwiCo project subscriptions {Hobo Mama's Gift Guide}

It's time for my annual roundup of coupons and deals sent to me by my affiliate partners. These are companies I support and recommend and whose savings I'd like to pass along to you for your holiday shopping! If you shop through my links, it costs you nothing extra and I get a little reward from the company to support my blogging. Thank you!

KiwiCo: Science & art project subscriptions for ages 3 to teen

KiwiCo offers four different hands-on subscription models for little kids on up through big ones. And you can try it out for your kids or gift a subscription at a substantial savings right now:

Get 60% off the first month
of any KiwiCo subscription.
Expires Nov. 28.

I gave my niece a gift of Doodle Crate one Christmas because she's so crafty, and it was a great fit. She got to make things like candles and practice her sewing.

Tinker Crate is an amazing fit for my oldest, Mikko, who's the STEM-minded engineer in the family.

Kiwi Crate is a fun fit for Alrik, my 6-year-old with a creative soul.

And I love that they have a preschool line, Koala Crate, to give my little Karsten his own fun projects while his brothers work on theirs!

I highly recommend the KiwiCo line for the high quality supplies, fun projects, and the convenience of having everything you need to complete the project delivered to your door in one compact box.

Hope you and your families have a joyful week celebrating this thankful season and a delightful kickstart to the holidays!



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