Monday, July 25, 2016

Munz & carrots

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

The other day, nine-year-old Mikko was intrigued by our returning something to Home Depot. "Are they giving you cash back? Can I have the munz?"

I said: "Normally, I'd tell you that it belongs to me, but I'm tempted to now that you've made up a new nickname for money."

"Oh, sure, Mama," he said. "Money has lots of nicknames. Munz. Carrots."

I was having trouble driving from laughing at this point.

"You're right that money has a ton of nicknames, and those are none of them."

Since then, we have all greatly enjoyed using our new Mikko-supplied jargon.

"Whoa, that costs a lot of munz!"

"That guy is loaded. He must be swimming in carrots."

Mikko has long been fascinated by all things financial. It should have been no surprise that he and his dear dollars should come up with their own pet lingo.

I had to think for awhile about how to spell munz. Mons is already a body part, and rather a giggly one. Muns is workable. I think switching in an unnecessary Z adds flair. But you do you. It's a made-up word, after all.

So now I offer you these new special slang terms as tons o' fun to say, and a delectable addition to all your financial transactions. Enjoy, and thank Mikko!

Munz, munz, munz. Munz makes the world go round.


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