Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stickylegs McGee & other friends at the aquarium

Last month we headed to the Seattle Aquarium
to visit all the fishy folk.




Stickylegs McGee!

You can watch our video adventures to hear all the names we decided on for the animals, to see the octopus undulate, and to watch the sea otters eat. More photos below!

So incredibly weird and wonderful.

High five, octopus! (High eight?)

Peering at the squid eggs. Do you see any baby squid?

PSA: Babies cannot be relied upon to save you
in the event of an octopus attack.


Polkadotted jellyfish.


Soft. (Trust me — I touched 'em.)

But, really, isn't every week?

Pirate's Booty break.

And pirate baby feet.

Cutie, at 15 months.

My spawn checking out the salmon.

Diving seal.

Check out that tippy-toe action!

Yup, smaller than an orca. I recently watched the documentary (affiliate link to Amazon) Blackfish and want to plug it here. I was heartbroken by the way orcas are treated in captivity. Fortunately, our aquarium doesn't keep orcas, but don't think it didn't give me pause about seeing any of the other animals here in captivity — still thinking this one over! Anyway, our library had the film on their streaming service for free, and Netflix has it. A caution, though, that it's not for sensitive viewers.

Checking out Mr. Bones.

Could sea otters be any cuter?


Oh, there's the baby squid! It's a big one.

Time to head home. Good night, Seattle!


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