Sunday, November 15, 2015

Karsten turns 1

I can't believe it.
Can you believe it?

One whole year since this little guy entered our lives?

And he's growing and becoming so much more capable every day.
Learning words and signs, practicing standing without support,
brushing his hair (clumsily),
brushing the kitties (by poking them in the eye with the brush),
feeding himself off our plates
and laughing uproariously at our mutual jokes.

As Sam puts it, "He thinks he's people!"

We had a little family birthday party for him:

The point of it was mostly to
smear his face with frosting.

It's a good look, I think.

Afterwards, we hosed him down
and tanked him up.

Because he's definitely still my little baby,
35 pounds or no. (Yes.)

Happy birthday, baby boy!

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