Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Preview of What Will We Learn Today? at LaurenWayne.com

Preview of What Will We Learn Today? at LaurenWayne.com

I'm so happy to introduce you to my newest book, What Will We Learn Today? — an ideabook of more than 550 quick and simple homeschooling activities.

I've put up a post over at LaurenWayne.com with a full description and plenty of juicy excerpts, so head over there if you're interested in learning more!

There are days when you want to do something fun — and educational — but you can't quite figure out what it is. I have good intentions of natural-learning activities to do — but then I don't always remember them.

So I wrote this ebook to be a collection of idea-joggers. You can keep it on your computer, phone, or tablet (it's a PDF, so easy-peasy) and then anytime you're having one of those "What should we do now?" moments, just pop that puppy open and choose an activity.

Read the rest at LaurenWayne.com.

And, remember, this new book o' mine is currently available exclusively as part of the Mindful Learning eBundle Sale at an incredible 75% off the list prices of 6 learning resources! Read more at my review post, or purchase the bundle through my affiliate link.

After the sale ends, I'll have my ebook available for $5.99, but I highly recommend getting the bundle while you can! (It ends TOMORROW, so hurry.) It's like buying 2 books but getting 6. Sweet deal, hey?

I also plan to release a paperback version for those of you who want to mark up a hard copy with a real highlighter, so you can stay tuned for that! For now, enjoy the full-color, lots-of-pretty-pictures PDF version, and check out that Mindful Learning eBundle!


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