Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving

carving the turkey — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Vegans and turkey advocates, avert your eyes.

silly boy — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Mikko helped prepare the dinner … not a whit. Same as his mama. I just took pictures!

hungry baby eyeing the feast — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Alrik was more than ready to begin the feasting.
dad dishing up the carrots — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Sam dishes up his signature flavorful carrots.

the feast: stuffed mushrooms, carrots, turkey and cranberry sauce — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
The feast! Turkey and homemade cranberry sauce (by Aunt Natalie) with green-bean-casserole stuffed mushrooms and mashed carrots with pistachios (by Sam).

boy dressed as pilgrim — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Mikko was not interested in eating. He pulled an old shirt of Natalie's out of the discard pile and put it on with a construction paper pilgrim hat: the perfect Puritan. He even has a yardstick for smacking people awake at church!

baby reaching for food on brother's plate — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
You know who knew what Thanksgiving is for? This baby right here. He climbed right into Mikko's seat and began digging into the plate intended for his older brother.

happy hungry baby eating cheese — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Yes, this baby who got us grief at his last well-baby visit for being too lightweight!

digging in — Thanksgiving dinner 2012 holidays
Ah, happily stuffing yourself in the company of loved ones!
There's the true meaning of Thanksgiving, amirite?

You'll also love photos of Roots over at Natural Parents Network — fascinating topic this week with some really neat pictures!

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Jenn said...

Your turkey looks better than mine did. Mine was good but sort of dry.

Little boys in striped shirts - I love that. Such a classic "little boy" look.

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a fun and delicious time! I had to LOL at your comment about Mikko, the "perfect Puritan." =P

Lindsay said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving! Your boys are always so adorable :)

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