Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Prenatal renovation

In case you didn't take last week's post about not being ready for this baby to come out (particularly for a home birth — yipes), I thought I'd give some pictorial proof.

painting kitchen cabinets at 37 weeks pregnant — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
Because this is what you want to be doing at 38 weeks pregnant.

trash from floor demolition sitting in kitchen — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
This is our kitchen.

old toilet sitting in kitchen — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
This is also our kitchen.

oven and refrigerator in living room — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
This, by contrast, is not our kitchen.

boy sweeping the bare concrete floor — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos

kitchen floor with half tile — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
Here's the floor we're not allowed to step on.

painting and mudding tools drying in sink — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos

sorting stacks of boxes — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
Everywhere. Perched on top in back is one of the many gardening tasks I have yet to do.

All of the above is why I keep breaking down sobbing that we will never be ready.

boy wearing a painting mask as a hat — home renovation Pictures, Images and Photos
This is about all that keeps me going.

You'll love this week's photos on the topic of Gardening With Kids over at Natural Parents Network, in honor of this week's Carnival of Natural Parenting: Growing in the outdoors. Find lots of wonderful links and photos there as well!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my hon! Quite a bit to still be done, eh? Stay in baby! :)

MomAgain@40 said...

Shame! I can imagine your uneasiness... But there are going to be lots and lots (holding thumbs!) of time when baby is out, and sleeping all the time! :D

Rachael @ The Variegated Life said...

Oh dear, Lauren. The day before the Critter was born, there were all these men in our apartment — fixing a hole in the bathroom, delivering furniture, and so on. The cat caught a mouse *literally* under my feet. I was *so* anxious, broke down crying that night ... So I can imagine how you feel. Stay in, silly baby! Mama's getting ready for you!

Best wishes in your preparations! I wish I could pitch in to help....

Amy said...

Oh my! I can't imagine! I didn't realize that we were so close in our pregnancies. I'm 36w 2d... but my house is intact! Best luck for getting everything ready!

Emily said...

Looks like major nesting mode, in stereo.

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said...

I wish I could send a little renovation fairy to your house to help you! At least you've got Mikko's amazing little face to keep you going!

Just think Hypnobabies: Babies always arrive at just the right time...

Mama Whimsy said...

Oh, Lauren! I hope you are able to get everything you finished and still be able to find some peace for your homebirth. We spontaneously decided to move when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my youngest. She waited until we are all set before arriving on her EDD. I'm hoping similar for you!

lovenotesmama said...

Hang in there Lauren! When that little bundle of love comes, nothing else will matter!

Amy @ Anktangle said...

I agree: the bright orange has a lot of character. =) It will get will. Peace to all of you.

Cassie said...

Lol!! Boy you are nesting. I can say that I'm far too lazy for all of that. That's so cool you're going to be so happy to have all your projects complete!!
I planted some things in our yard last night- and I am beat, and had contractions too. So wow, I'm impressed that you are standing on a chair painting!!
Hope you are doing well, hope everything goes smooth :)

teresa said...

I can't imagine being in the state you're in with your house in the state it's in. All my fingers are crossed for you.
I also love the photo of Mikko with the broom. I'm actually watching him get bigger and looking so grown up. This is a unique blogging life...
I'm visualizing your kitchen finished in time!!

One Rich Mother said...

oh wow, you really do have your hands full. : )
I adore the picture of your little one holding the broom. So cute.

Amanda said...

I think having a toilet in the kitchen is a wonderful idea. Bravo.

Lisa C said...

I was lol at this one. Poor you. Hope you get it all done!

Michelle @ The Parent Vortex said...

Wow, there really is lots going on in your place! Can you enlist some help? Either way, I agree that baby will come at the right time -- they have a way of knowing these things. Good luck with the final push! I mean, not the VERY final push (at least not yet!).

MJ said...

Sending you good breathing vibes and super Xray eyes that allow you to see your kitchen as if it's already finished. And to know that the most important space is the place you'll be welcoming baby :).

Jenny said...

Having such big renovations underway at 38 weeks would have stressed me out too. If we weren't way down here in SC, I'd volunteer to come help :-( Hopefully you will have time to finish more than you think. Even if you don't, it'll all be okay and your birth will still be beautiful.

Momma Jorje said...

Visiting from Natural Parents Network and Momma Jorje!

All I can suggest is lean on Sam for those meltdowns and otherwise try to keep your eyes on the prize! At least you guys seem really focused now and plowing through it all.

Good luck!

Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings said...

Wow!!! That is a lot going on! It will be SO AWESOME when its all done!

This takes me back to my last few weeks where we had JUST moved in to our new house. We were having the house re-roofed and major work done in the laundry room, and just that made me a little panicky!

But even if it doesn't get done, the baby won't care a bit. Ha!

Birth Routes said...

I cannot tell you how many of my doula clients are living in a similar zone nearing home birth baby time.

Your not alone!

But paint faster! ;)

granolagirl said...

Just came across your page and wow! I can't belive you are going though all that. Good luck. I look forward to your blog carnival too. I just started blogging myself about my journey and experiences in trying to conceive naturally ( can't wait to learn more from your sight. Best wishes on your delivery :)

erinleee said...

aaw. I wish I could come and help a pregnant lady out!
soon you might wanna put down the paint brush, tidy up a bit and make one safe and peaceful room to birth in? then put up your feet and relax! happy birthing!

Thomasin said...

Oh my! I was laughing heartily with what I thought was along with you until I read that you were sobbing and now I feel terrible. I hope the work moves quickly and you have a space you feel good about on the birthing day. I've had my own moments of sobbing about my house and I'm only 29 weeks. What IS it about these hormones and our spaces?

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes for our renovations to be DONE. I am happy to report that we seem to be on the home stretch and the baby's still inside. Phew!

@Thomasin: I'm laughing and crying. :) I cry sooo easily right now; it's kind of absurd.

@Rachael @ The Variegated Life: Ok, the mouse thing got me. You win!

@Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama: I can't tell you how much it helped me to have you repeat that affirmation. It made me listen to my Hypnobabies affirmation track right away and keep repeating that one to myself, along with "Babies are born on their birthdays…." So thank you!

@Mama Whimsy: That is good, good news! I keep meeting people who moved right around their EDD. We do silly things, don't we?

@lovenotesmama: You're so right.

@Amy @ Anktangle: I have so much to thank you for — thank you for your words of reassurance and for your offer of help!

@Birth Routes: You know, it's funny about the "paint faster" thing — because at first, we were all casual about it, and now I'm like whoosh whoosh whoosh DONE.

@erinleee: That is very true as well. We have resisted making the bedroom a disaster zone, so that is my retreat. And we've finally rearranged the furniture in there to fit the birth tub. But just yesterday we were joking that it will be sooo nice when the drying rack in the sink has something other than paintbrushes and mud pans in it… Soon!

P.S. Our new floor looks really pretty. That almost makes up for it. Almost.

The Happy Hippie Homemaker said...

I can totally empathize with you! I'm 38 weeks and that's how my house looked until a week ago. Now we're just putting things together and trying to deep clean. It's no fun, and I had lots of moments of crying... hang in there :) I'm sure both our babies will hang out till we're ready!

marra@ antique fire screens said...

Looks too much to do there but it also looks there is fun happening. Good luck ;0)

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