Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking stock of my visitors

Christmas world globe ornamentIn a post of interest only to me (I get points for honesty, right?), I thought I'd look back at the previous year by scouring Google Analytics for which places visited meand which didn't. (I'm looking at you, Botswana.)

I was inspired by Swistle's post titled "Hi, Wyoming! You Are So Great!," in which she attempts to woo visitors her way. I will not stoop to such tactics (because I am not that clever and don't want to do the research). I will only applaud those who have visited in the past, in hopes they will come back again, and chide those who rejected my thoughtful invitation for global interaction.

Most interesting countries that have visited in the past year:
Algeria has sent 3 ambassadors my way, nearby Morocco 1, and Tunisia a whopping 6.
Cote d'Ivoire sent 1 visitor, even though none of its neighbors cared to join the fun.
Perhaps inspired by the 44 South Africa visits, Mozambique sent a lone emissary to see what was going on. The same thing happened with Egypt's 23 visits, and neighboring Sudan popping in for a single look and then backing out, apparently not sure what Egypt was seeing in me.
Paraguay and Bolivia rustled up only 1 each, even though South America is otherwise well enough represented.
India's one of my biggest fans (5th most popular visitor), but it hasn't inspired Myanmar, even though I've mentioned Burma in blog posts before. (Sigh, why do I even bother?)
South Korea has been awesome, but North Korea must suspect my political leanings.
And thank you, Kazhakstan, but why no Mongolia?
Greenland has left me in the cold, though Iceland's faithful.

Without further ado, a big shout-out to my most loyal followers: United States (We're #1! Woo-hoo!), Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Poland (I'll admit I'm a little surprised there), Romania, and...the Philippines! Thank you all for coming!

To get a little more detailed, I would like to zero in on some of these here United StatesCalifornia and Washington are winning, you guys, with New York and Texas close behind. I suppose that all makes sense, given the state sizes. Oregon, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Georgia all have respectable showings. Which leads me to wonder what's going on with Wyoming and North Dakota. You're going to have to step it up a little next year. Even Rhode Island beat you guys out. (P.S. I'm too lazy to look up relative populations so am going solely on size of the state on my map. I think that's fair. Just because Swistle had the exact same problem doesn't mean there's any population density at play here.)

I can't get Canada to show me provinces, but all I can say is that all the visits are along the southern border, except for one lone visit from Whitehorse. I guess that makes sense. Maybe it's all expatriates, and here I was thinking I was internationally known.

For the UK, I'll confirm the unsurprising suspicion that London sent the most visitors my way. What might be more surprising is the also-rans: Thank you to Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, and Connahs Quay.

Australia: Sydney won, but Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide were right up there, too. I was hoping there might be someone on super-powerful wireless in the Outback, but it was not to be. Maybe next year.

India: Delhi wins, but my friends in Chennai, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderbad were close behind. I appreciate it, guys.

Germany: My old hometown of Berlin for the win! Let me perform my old swim team chant for your amusement: B! B! B-E-R [clap, clap, clap-clap-clap], L! L! L-I-N [clap, clap, clap-clap-clap], B-E-R [clap-clap-clap], L-I-N [clap-clap-clap], Beeeeerrrrrr-LIN! We were the Bearacudas. Get it? Oh, the swim team humor. Despite my loyalties, vielen Dank, München, Köln, Mannheim, Frankfurt am Main, Nürnberg, und Hannover.

Sorry if I've disappointed Poland, Romania, and the Philippines for stopping there. I'm ever so grateful you all came, but I'm being bodily attacked by a two-year-old who thinks that poring over my annual data is a waste of time when there are MegaBloks car washes to be built.

Thank you to all my wonderful visitors this past year! I've enjoyed getting to know so many of you, and I hope to interact even more in the coming year — and who knows where you'll all come from in 2010! (Come on, Niger and Belize, I don't bite!)

Photo courtesy Christian Ferrari on stock.xchng


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about Canada - we pretty much all live along the Southern border. I think that your visitors just reflect our population distribution, more than anything.

Fun stats!

Rachel said...

California loves you! (Sorry I don't live anywhere more interesting.)

Rambling Rachel said...

Another Rachel. Waving from Illinois.

Rambling Rachel said...

Another Rachel. Waving from Illinois.

Rox said...

All the best from Romania, Bucharest!

Breastmilk is the best!

Anonymous said...

wait! what about Italy!!?? Rome!??

I can't be the ONLY one? Surely we can beat Sudan!

Happy New Year!

Lauren Wayne said...

Amber: Yeah, I figured that was the rational explanation, but I'm never one to let reason stand in the way.

Rachels: I love Rachels from densely populated states!

Rox: Waving back and agreeing with you wholeheartedly!

Geeks in Rome: You crushed Sudan. 75 visits from my dear friends in Italy, with Rome #1!! Followed by Milan, Torino, and Bologna, so maybe you can meet some new friends. :)

Dionna @Code Name: Mama said...

Hubby was just looking at my Analytics page last night and said the same thing: "Tunisia? Who in the heck lives in Tunisia?"

molly said...

Happy New Year HoboMama!

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