Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The benefits of babywearing for moving house

Ergo baby carrier toddler on backI just wanted to share today's babywearing experience with you.

We've been moving and moving and moving, astounding all with our ability to stretch out the simple act of transporting goods from one location to another and the sheer mounds o' crap we have accumulated (and must get rid of, though that's a subject for another day).

Today was it. The last day in our old place. It was all clean, my little patio garden was lovingly prepared for the next tenant to appreciate it, and almost everything was moved out of the interior. What was left was two heavy, awkward pieces of office furniture that we'd offered — and had had ostensibly accepted — on craigslist and freecycle, and then the flakes never showed to pick up their treasures. And of course, it had to be the heavy stuff that was left unclaimed!

Well, we'd already returned our rental van, and our tiny car wouldn't fit anything like what we had to transport, so we had to wheel them. One was a chair on wheels already, and one was popped onto a dolly. And off we went seven blocks down the street to our new home with our old, unwanted pieces.

Meanwhile, I have a 2.25-year-old to manage. What's a mama to do?

Ergo baby carrier toddler on backUp he goes into the Ergo, of course! Snug as a bug, and happy as all get out to be at Mama's-eye-view once again.

I'd gotten really lazy about babywearing Mikko once he preferred to walk (run) all over the place. Plus, he's been around 35 pounds for over a year now, and my hips and back aren't what they used to be, pre-pregnancy. But when I shook out the Ergo a couple days ago on another occasion, he almost split his cheeks grinning and pooh-poohed the stroller in favor of a Mama ride.

So we three walked down the street with our office furniture. I was making a racket pushing an office chair down the pavement, and Sam was balancing the filing cabinet on the hand cart, and Mikko was smiling at everyone from over my shoulder.

Then, for good measure, we walked back with a lighter load to meet our landlady and turn in the keys (oh, joy! it's done!), and then we all stopped for lunch to enjoy the view of the beach. Then it was back to our new home, baby on board.

Mikko was ecstatic to be back in the sling of things, and despite the 35 pounds on my back, I felt lighter than air.

Boo, craigslist no-shows. Yea, babywearing!

Read more about different baby carriers and babywearing, complete with pictorial how-tos, in my Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing!

Photos of happy toddlers being worn in carriers courtesy
ERGOBaby and bolinhanyc on flickr (cc)


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